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How to Add Ruffle Sleeves

Our 3352  dolman top is a favorite in my wardrobe since its launch. With the big ruffle trend we see lately, I thought it would be fun to take one to the next level and hop on the bandwagon. Adding this ruffle/bell sleeve to our dolman top is really easy AND you get to skip armhole / sleeve hemming in the process because it it folded in half! 1 - Assemble front and back, hem the bottom and finish the neckline, following the pattern instructions 2 - Measure the armhole opening and your torso (the torso measurement is included in the dolman top's sizing chart ) 3 - Cut two rectancles (your sleeves) . The measurements for each rectangle is: (OPENING x 1,5)  by (25% of TORSO measurement) .  Torso?!?! Yes! Because the taller you are, the longer it has to be :) Of course, instead of the torso measurement, you can simply go with the finished ruffle length you want. In this case the calculations would be: ( FINISHED RUFFLE LENGTH  + 1 cm (3/8'') ) x 2 .

How to Turn Straight-Leg Eleonore Jeans into Skinny Jeans

When we designed our now über popular Éleonore Pull-On Jeans , we went with a classic straight leg to make sure everyone's calves would be covered. We know that skinny jeans are a staple in many peoples' wardrobe and we knew many would want their jeans fitted all the way to the hem. Since not all legs are created equal and because fabric stretch can make a huge difference in the amount you have to take it for the transformation, we did not venture into giving people exact measurement. Instead, we went with a simple diagram showing where to start taking them in. We thought #EleonoreWeek is a good timing to publish this more detailed tutorial, where we show you how to take your straight leg in the right way and... end up with two identical legs :) We saw strange things on YouTube that would lead to crooked jeans. We think this post will be useful not only to people making the Eleonore pull-on jeans , but to anyone upcycling older jeans or patterns. Let's get st