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Vanessa Jogger Shorts // Pattern Hack (Jalie 3676)

You own (or are eying) the Vanessa Fluid Pants pattern and think "pants can wait, it will be summer soon (at least in Canada)"? We've got news for you! After reading this hack you will be able to wear this pattern year round as you will have anything you need to make great pants AND stylish, comfortable shorts! First off, sizing. I go back to the  Jalie  Measurement Chart   each time I make a garment, even if I made something the week before. Our measurements change all the time and my kids sizes change even more quickly. Juju's measurements (as of today) are 28" waist, 37 1/2'' hips . Her waist corresponds to size S and  hips are between sizes S and T. The hips measurements is the most important when picking a size for pants. I would normally go with size T, but I will use S for this project because: Today's hack will add ease  I will use a knit that stretches across the grain   Pattern Preparation Print / Trace th

The Perfect Gift for New Moms

There is no better than Mother's Day to introduce our new official collaborator: Mélanie, the mother behind the lovely Filles à Maman patterns (which translates to "mommy's girls"). You might have already read the  Reversible Charlie Tutorial  and How to color block a leotard  on her blog. Here is her first post on the Jalie blog:  First off, I would like to share some info about me :) My name is Mélanie but people in the online world know me as Mel Henry. There is one man and three girls (5, 5 and 12) in my life. My family is my everything, but sewing has been a great part of my life, since I am very young. I am super happy and grateful that Jeanne and Émilie, the talented "Ja" and "Lie", gave me the chance to share my creative world, ideas and creations with you. Yay! For Mother's Day, we are treating a new mom and her little girl to a cute Jalie gift Gift for Mom The starting point for this project was the Jalie 3132 top  with

VANESSA Fluid Pants - Comfy Trousers That are Not Leggings or Yoga Pants

Fluid Pants? You Mean Joggers, Right? Joggers are everywhere! I love the look of the modern joggers... but only on my kids or on other people. Each and every time I try a pair on, they are too tight at the calf so everything looks like leggings with a baggy crotch. Not flattering. At all. I did not want to give up on the idea so we started making joggers prototypes. There was nothing that would fit me in ready-to-wear and I assumed I was not the only one in this situation. The new pants would have to be comfortable but flattering. The Justin Bieber drop-crotch-pants look does not work for me. The Fabric The perfect jogger fabric is not too thick, not too thin, not see through, not a "cellulite-enhancer"... After so many tries with various fibres, I gave up. It's official. The perfect jogger fabric (at least one that would meet all my criteria) is the unicorn of fabrics. It does not exist. Still. I was determined to have pants with an elastic waist and that