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CHARLIE - The Clever Bomber Jacket Pattern

Jalie needed a new jacket pattern. Something that would work for all our sizes. A bomber jacket was the obvious choice since we see them everywhere, from hip kids stores to classy women's wear collections. S ay hello to Charlie, our bomber jacket pattern designed for girls and women but that makes the cutest jacket for boys too ! Henri loves his Charlie jacket made of three different sweatshirt fleece! Black front, charcoal grey back, heathered grey sleeves with striped ponte collar, cuffs and band. To Line or Not to Line?  Lining makes drafting so easy. No need to worry about how the pockets look inside, no need to figure out how to get a clean finish where the zipper meets the collar. At the beginning we were leaning towards the lined jacket idea... However, for a knit jacket, you need a knit lining, which can be difficult to find with the right stretch and recovery. A lining that stretches too much can be a nightmare. Minus one for lining . Furthermore, there are