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How to Print and Assemble your Jalie PDF Patterns

You successfully purchased ,  downloaded  and opened your Jalie PDF pattern in Adobe Reader or in your browser. You are now ready to print and assemble it. 1 - PRINT THE TEST PAGE FIRST Locate the page where you see a TEST rectangle.  Print (it can be an icon in your PDF viewer or browser or you might have to go through the File menu to select print) that page only. In the Éléonore Jeans PDF, the TEST rectangle is on page one, so we set the printing range to page 1 only: Printing the test page // page range: 1, fit to page NOT selected When printing, make sure that: You print at 100% scale. The labels in your dialog window may vary: FIT TO PAGE: NO (or unchecked) PRINT AT ACTUAL SIZE: YES SCALE = 100%  You use a fast printing option, not high quality (to save ink) You print on one side only If your pattern is layered (the information in included in the instructions when they are), hide the layers you do not wish to print, to print your size only. 2 - MEA