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How to Download your Jalie PDF Patterns

You purchased a PDF pattern on the Jalie website and are not sure how to download and print it? This blog post if for you! HOW TO I GET TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE? All roads lead to Rome! Here are three easy ways to get to your PDF patterns: 1 - Immediately after you submit your order Click the link in the confirmation message to go directly to the Download Page Oops! You hit back, closed the window? The link is no longer there? No worries you can still download your patterns: 2 - Through your Jalie account Click " My Downloadable Pattern " under the " My Account " tab or the link at the very bottom of the page to see the list of  PDF Patterns linked to your account . Drop-Down Menu in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you are logged out, you will need to log in to see it. Links in the footer section, on all pages of our website. Visible at all times (logged in or not) 3 - Through your email confirmation In your order confirm

How to Buy a Jalie PDF Pattern

You are not familiar with PDF patterns? Don't worry, we will show you how easy it is to order, download, print and assemble our downloadable patterns. Why buy PDF pattern? Because the style you want is out of print (like our sweetheart knit top our men's long underwear patterns) Because it is a PDF-only style that would not fit on our standard pattern sheets (like our ballet skirt collection ) Because you need it right away or want to avoid paying shipping fees (click here to see a ll patterns available in PDF format ) Because there is a 20% discount on PDF patterns when you purchase three patterns or more: Coupon code JALIE3PDF 5 EASY STEPS FOR PURCHASING A PDF From the catalog (quick purchase without going to the pattern detail page):  Move your cursor over the pattern image, then over the shopping cart icon to open the little tab and click ADD TO CART and select PDF (if you only see Paper, it means that the patterns is only available in printed format) Clic