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4 Tips when Buying Digital Patterns

Ordering  digital patterns  can be a little intimidating for many people who are used to paper patterns and who are not 100% comfortable handling files on a computer. Here are a few tips I often send to customers who are new to PDF patterns: 1 - Make sure you choose the right format Paper  and  PDF patterns  are listed in separate categories on our website, but when adding and removing items from the cart, you do have to pay attention to make sure you keep the right pattern version. How do I tell if I have a paper or PDF pattern in my shopping cart? If you see PDF in the product name, it's a digital pattern. If you do  not  see PDF, it's a paper pattern. If you see a shipping charge at checkout, it means that you have a paper pattern in your cart. Digital patterns are not mailed, so you  should not see any shipping charges . Please note that our  quantity discount  promotion applies to digital AND paper patterns . You can combine both types of patterns to get a bi