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3350 Photo Tutorial - Part 4 - SEWING THE OPEN BACK (VIEW A)

For the first step, we will show you the technique for the regular sewing machine. On all other steps, we will use a serger whenever it's possible. Center Back Seam Pin Lower Back pieces (G) together at center back seam, matching the double notch. Then sew with a zigzag along the edge ("zig" on the fabric, "zag" in the air) WITHOUT stretching the fabric: Sew with a straight stitch, 6 mm (1/4") from edge, stretching your fabric gently. Sew another straight stitch. Now you have a sturdy, stretchy center back seam! Back Elastics Upper Back Place the Upper Back pieces (F) as shown, with the notch towards the bottom to identify the correct location for the elastic. Pin the elastic (at both ends) and sew a first zigzag (medium-large), stretching the elastic so it lays against the flat fabric (do not stretch the fabric). Turn the elastic to the wrong side (the elastic nice and snug against the crease - you don't was any space between t

3350 Photo Tutorial - Part 3 - CUTTING YOUR FABRIC

Now that we have our pattern pieces traced/cut and altered, we are now ready to cut the fabric. Sweetheart Swimsuit (View A) We will be making view A in a feline print with a black contrast band in adult size S. We have all our fabric and supplies ready, along with our tablet with the PDF instructions. As you can see in the photo above, we decided to use bra straps for this one (with a kit purchased from Sew Sassy ). We will cut: In main fabric (print): Bust X2  (A), Front X1 (E), Upper back X2 (F) and lower back X2 (G) In contrast fabric (black): Contrast band X1 (C) In lining: Bust X4 (A), Front X1 (E) Main fabric Here is the cutting layout for our main fabric: As you can see, with the 60 cm (5/8 yard), you can actually make two swimsuits if you fold the fabric as shown in the picture. You fold it to have enough space for all your pieces and then measure to make sure your fabric is folded parallel to the selvage (the three orange lines are the same length

How to Measure Fabric Stretch

Whenever you see a minimum stretch requirement on one of our sewing patterns , it is very important that you measure your fabric stretch both in the length and in the width. Fabric stretch is not written on the fabric content label at the fabric store, but some online store now include it in the description. How to see if your fabric has enough stretch Across the grain (in the width) Fold you fabric square with the finished edge of the fabric  (selvage) , away from the cut edge Hold the pleat over the ruler printed on the back of the pattern Stretch the fold to reach the end of the ruler (where is says "up to here"): Along the grain (in the length): Fold you fabric  parallel  with the finished edge of the fabric  (selvage) , away from the edge Hold the pleat over the ruler printed on the back of the pattern Stretch the fold to reach the end of the ruler (where is says "up to here") How to measure the fabric stretch If you do not have

3350 Photo Tutorial - Part 2 : PATTERN + SIZING

Now that you have your fabric, pattern and notions, let's talk about the sizing and pattern. SIZING First, take a look at our  one-piece swimsuit measurement chart . There are many sizes in that chart, so you can be sure we have the perfect one for you! Forget about your ready-to-wear size or size you use in other patterns. Take your tape measure and measure (or have someone help you with that): Full bust Waist (smallest part) Hips (fullest part) Torso (center of your shoulder, over the fullest part of your bust, down between your legs and back up to the shoulder). If you are lucky, all measurements will fall in the same column (or only 1 size up/down, in which case go with the middle size). My measurements are all over the chart! What do I do? Find the size that corresponds to your bust measurement. If your bust measurement is more than 2 sizes bigger or smaller than the waist/hips, use the bust to select the bust and contrast band pieces size and the waist/hi

3350 Photo Tutorial - Part 1 - FABRIC & SUPPLIES

Welcome to the 3350 Photo Tutorial! Starting next week, we soon show you how to make a stunning one-piece swimsuit from A to Z. Instead of doing a sew along that would last a few weeks, we want to post everything within a few days so you can finish this project quickly or take it slowly if you can only work on it a little bit every day.  If you get stuck, post your question in the comments section and we will gladly help you.  Jalie 3350 Swimsuit - A (sweetheart) front with A (open) back While we are getting ready for photos and sewing, I thought it would be a good idea to start with some useful information and inspiration photos so you can gather your supplies before we start posting tutorial photos next week. WHAT WE WILL BE MAKING We will show you in detail how to make a 3350 one-piece swimsuit. The pattern is available in both  paper  and  PDF  formats. This pattern includes 27 sizes (yes, all in one enveloppe!) and we worked very hard at adjusting the s