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Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Elise Woolstenhulme! Her photo of the 3241 X-Back gymnastics leotard she made for her daughter (and the lovely story behind it) received the most votes on our Facebook page. My 3 year old daughter doesn't ask for much. In general she is just happy to get anything. For Christmas this year ALL she asked for was a new bigger leotard for gymnastics. I figured it was a simple enough request, until I broke my foot. Suddenly I was down and out right in the midst of December and Christmas preparations. On the 24th I was finally feeling like I could do some sewing. I was so tired the night of Christmas Eve I completely messed up the straps, it was 2am and I knew it would take me HOURS to unpick the elastic. I wrote my little girl a note in sloppy elf handwriting that her leotard had fallen off the sleigh and all the elves were out looking for it and would soon deliver it. Cute girl didn't miss a beat and was so happy that her leotard was coming! 2 days later she