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Jalie Photo Contest - Sewing for an Athlete

Yesterday was gymnastics night. Two hours sitting and watching Henri stretch, jump, roll, land/fall, try the same little things over and over without giving up... He just started the pre-competitive program. 4 hours a week does seems like a lot for a little boy, but we are giving it a try because he loved it... just like the 100+ older kids and teenagers training at the club. With the Olympics coming up, I can't help but thing about all those moms (and dads) who spent countless hours at the rink, gym, driving back and forth and reorganizing family routines around their little athletes' schedule. Many of them also spent many nights tracing, cutting, sewing… For 30 years, Jalie has helped thousands of mothers make practice and competition clothing for their children… Millions of little outfits made with our patterns worldwide since 1983… Crazy, isn't it? It's great to be part of that :) Every week, I recognize Jalie gymnastics leotards in the crowd and it fills