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Yoga Pants on Ice

For all skating moms out there looking for an affordable alternative to the expensive skating pants in store, here is a picture of our yoga pants pattern on ice! I wish I could skate like this :) Amélie wears her Jalie skating pants with her 2674 leotard (an empire-waist dress without the skirt). It is the leotard we made for the 3025 Skating Dress Pattern cover . The pants hem was not altered to cover the skate and this is the original length. You can use regular Lycra or a warmer stretch fleece. The two-piece outer waistband allows for fun color blocking (read "using those pieces of Lycra in your stash that would be too small for anything else!"). If your daughter wants a spiral applique around the leg, take a look at the first illustration in our 3026 instructions (we sew a spiral on one sleeve) to see how it's done :) You only have to make sure the diagonal lines match when you sew. It's as simple as that!