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How to Sew Stretch Fabrics

People often think that they can't sew stretch fabrics with their regular sewing machines. Actually, all you need is a regular zigzag stitch and straight stitch! Here's the technique Jeanne has been teaching since the early 80's: First, baste your pieces with a regular zigzag stitch (medium width, approximately 10 stitches per inch). VERY IMPORTANT: "ZIG" on the fabric and "ZAG" in the air as you can see in the video. Sew a straight stitch (again, regular length - not too long or too short). As you can see, she bar tacks at the beginning and then STRETCH THE FABRIC GENTLY as she goes. This way, the fabric keeps pretty much it's original stretch. This step is optional, but will reinforce your seam. It's another straight stitch, right over the first one. You have to stretch the fabric again, just like you did the first time: It's as simple as that! Here you can see that our "regular machine stitch" has as enough stretch as th

Back in Stock

Reprints for Skating Dress (2800) , Stretch Jeans (2908) and Cardigan pattern 2919 will be in tomorrow. Their status has already been changed to "in stock" so you can add them to your cart. Happy sewing!