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3028 - Twist-Front Assembly

I received a few emails asking more detailed instuctions for the Twist-Front Skating Dress . Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought it might be a good idea to post photos of each step. Please allow a few seconds/minutes for the slideshow to appear:

Family at Work

At her mini-desk I've been coming to work with Éléonore since she is two weeks old. Her dad (our 2678 board shorts model - yes, I'm a lucky lady!) comes along with us too. Here is a fun photo that gives you a hint about an upcoming project... Can you guess what it is? I'm sure that techies among you will figure it out right away :) Supervising daddy's work At 4 months old, she is still teeny-tiny, unlike her big brother at the same age, and has a great personality! Working with a baby does affect productivity a bit, but having the opportunity to spend so much time together in the first months of her life is well worth it. Tummy-time Break with mommy

Reprints are In!

Good news! Sewing pattern 2795 - Zip-Front Jacket and Hoodie is now back in stock and ready to ship.