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A Special "+1" for PR Weekend Montreal

For those who did not know, Jeanne will be a guest at Pattern Review Weekend Montreal in June (18-20). She will give a few demos with your favorite Jalie patterns, showing different technique, tips and tricks. We will bring cases of patterns along as well and lots of Jalie garments in different sizes for people to try on. I will be there to translate the demo (and chit-chat) and of course enjoy 3 days in a city that I loooove! We are very excited and are really looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new PR Friends! We will soon get started on that "travelling trunk show" to get as much done as possible for the event. Any special requests from people who will be in Montreal and are still unsure about trying a new Jalie pattern? :) If you are not familiar with PR Weekends (or Pattern Review) and would like to know more about this fun sewing getaway, make sure you check out the "PR Weekend in Canada" post on the Pattern Review message board . Registration i

Discontinued Yoga Pants Pattern

Some of you emailed me about discontinued pattern 2445 to know if we would reprint it. The bad news is that we decided to discontinued the pattern, so we will not reprint it, BUT it is now available as a download on our e-patterns store . We will also add pattern 2215 later this week. Namaste!