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Temporarily Out of Order

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I might not be as quick as usual answering emails. I had half of my thyroid removed last Friday (yuck!) and I won't spend much time in the office in the upcoming days. The orders will still ship within 1-2 business days as usual. Please note that Wednesday is Canada Day, so pretty much everything is closed here, including Canada Post and Jalie :) The surgery was a success and I should be 100% back on my feet in no time. I'm just taking it easy for a week or so, "enjoying" our rainy weather... and watching out when carrying Henri (who now runs by the way!). I'm just afraid he might hit the stitches by accident and make the scar all crooked! The new website should go live in a few weeks (the whole design is done and we are now populating the database - which is taking for-e-ver). I hope you will like it :)


One whole month without a single post... May has been pretty busy but since most of it was brainstorming/prototyping, I can't write much about it :) The highlight of the month was - hands down - meeting Pattern Review members in Portland for PR Weekend 2009. It was a real treat to meet with some Jalie fans (Melissa brought 17 Jalie pieces in her luggage!!!) and I met incredibly creative and talented people during those three days or fabric shopping / conference and sewing chit chat. It was my first trip since Henri was born and I thought it would be hard to be away from him for 4 days... but I the weekend just flew by and I only realized I really missed him when I was about to sing a lullaby to the toddler being me on the plane who cried during the whole flight from Chicago to Quebec City (Yes - we do have an airport in Quebec City!!!), driving pretty much everyone on board crazy (except me of course!)... Being the world's absolute worst procratinator, my Portland pictur