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New Video!

We just posted a video showing how to make All-in-One / Pocket cloth diapers using pattern #2907. Since it was over 10 minutes, we had to split it in two parts: Sewing Pattern 2907 (Cloth Diaper) - Video Instructions - Part 1 Sewing Pattern 2907 (Cloth Diaper) - Video Instructions - Part 2 I'm quite happy with the image quality (click HD to see a crisp image) but iMovie gave me a hard time and there are a few glitches with the sound in Part 1... After hours (days) trying to fix it, I decided to upload it even though it's not peeeeeerfect because I can't keep everyone waiting forever... Thanks for your understanding :) Next up: How to make jeans using pattern 2908... Stay tuned!

Getting Ready for Portland

Spring and my upcoming trip to Portland gave me the motivation to make new jeans and new tops in my new *sigh* post-baby size... At the same time, we filmed new material for the upcoming videos. For those who didn't know, I will be attending PR (Pattern Review) weekend in Portland (May 15-May 17). My first trip without Henri! I will have surprises for PR members attending the event, including one for the top Jalie reviewer and another for the person who has the most Jalie clothes in her luggage for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to meeting with PR members, visiting some Jalie retailers in Portland and going on a fabric hunt. After the new collection rush, sewing sprint and video shoots, we are now back in full-creation-mode, working on the first prototypes for the next collection... I love my job :)

599 reviews...

Who will write the 600th Jalie review and win a free pattern? :)