1. Congratulations to Elise Woolstenhulme! Her photo of the 3241 X-Back gymnastics leotard she made for her daughter (and the lovely story behind it) received the most votes on our Facebook page.

    My 3 year old daughter doesn't ask for much. In general she is just happy to get anything. For Christmas this year ALL she asked for was a new bigger leotard for gymnastics. I figured it was a simple enough request, until I broke my foot. Suddenly I was down and out right in the midst of December and Christmas preparations. On the 24th I was finally feeling like I could do some sewing. I was so tired the night of Christmas Eve I completely messed up the straps, it was 2am and I knew it would take me HOURS to unpick the elastic. I wrote my little girl a note in sloppy elf handwriting that her leotard had fallen off the sleigh and all the elves were out looking for it and would soon deliver it. Cute girl didn't miss a beat and was so happy that her leotard was coming! 2 days later she was ecstatic with her new leotard... and she tells everyone she meets that the elves made it!
    Elise wins 50$ in fabric at Ann's Fabric Shop, 50$ in trims at Glory's House and two Jalie patterns. We want to thank all participants and our sponsors who made this contest possible!

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  3. Yesterday was gymnastics night. Two hours sitting and watching Henri stretch, jump, roll, land/fall, try the same little things over and over without giving up... He just started the pre-competitive program. 4 hours a week does seems like a lot for a little boy, but we are giving it a try because he loved it... just like the 100+ older kids and teenagers training at the club.

    With the Olympics coming up, I can't help but thing about all those moms (and dads) who spent countless hours at the rink, gym, driving back and forth and reorganizing family routines around their little athletes' schedule.

    Many of them also spent many nights tracing, cutting, sewing… For 30 years, Jalie has helped thousands of mothers make practice and competition clothing for their children… Millions of little outfits made with our patterns worldwide since 1983… Crazy, isn't it? It's great to be part of that :)

    Every week, I recognize Jalie gymnastics leotards in the crowd and it fills my heart with joy when I hear a child say very proudly "my mom/grandmother made it". We have heard many stories about "special dresses" or "lucky leotards" from customers. I truly believe that it really makes all the difference in the world when the child knows a loved one took the time to make something unique, just for him/her.

    Henri wanted a new leotard for his "big-boy" class. This time he wanted pants (not shorts), like the older gymnasts wear, a black and white leotard with a big gold maple leaf appliqué in the front and red appliqués on each side of it, just like the Canadian flag. "It will be like a Canadian gold medal" he said.  The look on his face when he saw his idea turned into a real garment was priceless and he was ready to conquer the world. It is crazy how less than a meter of lycra can boost self-esteem!

    Are you a gym/skate mom too? Would you like to win supplies for your next project?

    Submit a photo of a garment you made for a little athlete using a Jalie pattern and share your story with us. We will share submissions on our Facebook page and the owner of the photo/story with the most "Likes" will win:
    How does it work?
    1. Submit your photo and story by clicking here, indicating which Jalie pattern you used. Deadline for submitting a photo is February 21 at midnight (EST)
    2. On February 24, we will create a photo album on our Facebook page where fans will vote for their favourite photo/story. You DO NOT need a Facebook account to submit a photo. Deadline for voting on Facebook is March 2nd at midnight (EST) 
    3. We will announce the winner on March 3rd, on Facebook and on our blog.
    It can be an old or new photo. You can submit a photo you sent us in the past or submitted for the hall of fame / pattern page. Only photos submitted through this form will be eligible.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Please note that you can submit photos of more than one garment for the same athlete as long as each has its own story.


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  4. Have banded V-neck tops always given you a hard time? We just published a new video tutorial showing how easy it is to sew one with a regular sewing machine or a serger.

    We hope you like it :)


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  5. For all skating moms out there looking for an affordable alternative to the expensive skating pants in store, here is a picture of our yoga pants pattern on ice!

    I wish I could skate like this :)

    Amélie wears her Jalie skating pants with her 2674 leotard (an empire-waist dress without the skirt). It is the leotard we made for the 3025 Skating Dress Pattern cover. The pants hem was not altered to cover the skate and this is the original length.

    You can use regular Lycra or a warmer stretch fleece. The two-piece outer waistband allows for fun color blocking (read "using those pieces of Lycra in your stash that would be too small for anything else!"). If your daughter wants a spiral applique around the leg, take a look at the first illustration in our 3026 instructions (we sew a spiral on one sleeve) to see how it's done :) You only have to make sure the diagonal lines match when you sew. It's as simple as that!


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  6. We just uploaded a new video tutorial showing you how to make a wireless bra using Jalie 3131 - Bra and Camisole sewing pattern. In the video, you can steps from A to Z and Jeanne shows both the regular and nursing clips (on the same bra).

    Here are links to SewSassy, where you can find all the notions used in the video:

    Sliders and Rings
    Nursing Clips
    Hook and Eye Closures
    Strapping and Finishing (plush) Elastic
    Foldover Elastic

    If you would like to insert bra cups, simply cut an extra pair of cup linings.  Before assembling the bra, baste a first lining to the cups. Then, cut across the top of the other lining (this will create an opening between the two linings), pin and baste it so the cup+lining.

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  7. Just a quick post to let you know that Gymnastics Leotards 2792 and Men's Skating Pants 2803 are finally back in stock!

    We are working on a new video that should be online in a few days... Stay tuned :)

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  8. As you probably noticed on the video banner on this blog, we recently added video tutorials showing the techniques we use to sew knits and elastics. With all the positive feedback we received, we decided to go ahead and show how to sew our latest skating dress pattern (3136) from A to Z.

    The dress has a neckline binding using the same technique as our dress pattern 3024 and our onesie pattern 3133. Go to 1:33 to view the binding technique and skip the first dress assembly steps.


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  9. Good news! I just finished uploading the patterns to the website. The new collection is officially avaiable for pre-order. The backs of patterns are there, but I will be done preparing/uploading the PDF instructions only next week.

    Please note that all orders containing a new pattern will ship complete when all the patterns are in, which should be between Oct. 5 and 7. Of course, we will process them in the order they were received.

    Happy shopping everyone!

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  10. Last but not least, pattern 3136 - Dance / Skating Leotards and Dresses

    The idea of the pattern is a bit similar to pattern 3026: a leotard with optional skirt sewn to the outside of the garment (instead of having a seam at the waist).

    View A has a surplice neckline with binding (like dress 3024)

    You can use the same fabric for both sides, a contrast fabric or even nude mesh for an asymmetrical look. The picture above shows View A with the skirt.

    Here is a photo of View B (boat neckline) as a dance leotard:

    The pattern also includes a cap sleeve for more versatility.

    That's it :) You've seen all the pattern previews! My next post will be when the patterns are up on the website for pre-order.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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