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NIKITA // Workout Top Sewing Tutorial

Today we show you how to sew our beloved NIKITA workout top. We will go over the shorter (tank) view:

The NIKITA tank is great because it doesn't cling to your body and has funky seaming, an optional opening in the back and angled side slit that will have people tell you "where did you get this top?!" :)

The pattern also includes a dress version, a wonderful staple for your summer wardrobe. Like all Jalie patterns, it comes in kids' and adults' sizes. You can purchase it in printer/paper format that we mail to you, or as a PDF (that you print at home on Letter/A4 paper (20 pages), at a copy shop on one page of A0/36'' paper or use with a projector).

Let's get started! FRONT YOKE AND BACK STRAPS Front yoke and back straps have two layers for a clean finish without visible seam allowances inside. You can use the same fabric for the inner and outer layer or use contrast or complementary colors, whatever works best for you. For this tutorial, both layers …

Drop Pocket Cardigan // Step-by-Step Tutorial

Since its launch, our drop pocket cardigan (3248) is a favorite because of its generous pockets and clever construction that hides most of the seam allowances. A knit cardigan with a professional finish that you can sew with a regular sewing machine!

This sewing pattern is only available in PDF format, which we managed to fit on 20 pages! If you are not a fan of taping pages together, you can use the copy shop or projector files that are also included in the pattern.

You get 28 sizes in one pattern (kids and adult sizes) but can print one size at a time so you do not have to trace.

FABRIC CHOICE For the first run, picking fabrics that have different right/wrong sides will help you better understand the instructions. Using a contrast front lining fabric will also help.

For this tutorial, we will be using a printed polyester knit (ITY). This type of fabric is easy to find and usually very affordable. Perfect for your first drop-pocket cardi!
NECK BINDING The first step is to finish the …

ROSE Shirt // Shirt Collar Tutorial

There are different ways to attach a collar to a shirt. After working on a few shirt, using sewing patterns from various designers, most people pick their favorite method and stick with it. On the ROSE pattern, we use a technique that is slightly different from the traditional methods you usually see in sewing books. We received a lot of positive comments about it so we are sharing it with you in a photo tutorial.

You can download the ROSE shirt instructions directly on the pattern page on our website, where you will also see inspiring customer photos. Fun fact: this pattern was named ROSE after Jeanne's mother's favorite flower.

This sewing pattern includes 28 sizes and is available in paper (mailed to you) and PDF formats (print at home, copy shop and projector file)

PREPPING THE PIECES // INTERFACING For a nice and crisp collar, you need to interface one collar and one collar stand piece. Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the two pieces. Make sure notches are c…