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MICHELLE // Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) (on a Dartless Tank)

The MICHELLE tank/dress pattern is a minimalist design without dart, drafted for B cup. If you are larger than a B cup and want a perfect fit, a full bust adjust and a dart will help the garment fit better. This post will show your our favorite Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) technique.

TRACE YOUR BASE SIZE Measure your full bust and find the size on the pattern. Go down by the number of sizes :
C Cup: Go one size downD Cup: Go two sizes downDD Cup: Go three sizes down For example, if your full bust is 40'' (102 cm ) - which corresponds to a size Y - and you have a D cup, trace size W (two sizes down). 

PREP THE PATTERN Trace an extra copy of the main piece and facing (if you are making view B). Put those pieces aside, they will be the back and back facing. You do not need to alter them. The original design has an identical front and back. The FBA will change the proportions and there will be more fabric in the front than in the back.

On your new front (A) piece, trace a line paral…