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A Patch Pocket for your Nico (free template)

In our last post, we introduced our new men's raglan t-shirt pattern and the inspiration behind the name. Today, we show you how to add a pocket to the pattern (or any other t-shirt pattern). 
Adding a pocket is not complicated, but there are some tricks to doing it right. In this post, you will learn how to make a symmetrical pocket with sharp corners that will be nice and straight.. 
Keep reading and don't forget to post pictures of you Nico tees in our Facebook group or on Instagram with hashtags #jalielife #jalienico !
You will need:  - Your Nico t-shirt pieces, cut and ready to sew - Cardboard (cereal boxes have the perfect thickness) - Glue stick - Scissors (fabric and paper/cardboard) - Something to mark your fabric (tailors chalk, disappearing ink pen), iron, pins... the usual :)
The Nico pattern is available on the Jalie website, but you can also purchase it from a retailer near you. In this tutorial, we will only cover the pocket application, not the t-shirt constru…