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NICO - Boys Want Raglan Tees Too!

We received many requests from customers asking for a men's raglan tee. It is such a great staple garment that we had to include one in the lot :) So here is the NICO raglan t-shirt pattern for boys and men!

Not too fitted, no too loose... just enough ease to be forgiving and work with most knits. Short, 3/4 or long sleeve, curved or straight hem. The pocket on the photo is a last-minute improvisation (we drew the shape on a piece of paper 10 minutes before the photo shoot!). The statement pocket trend is big here thanks to Poches & Fils. You can find lots of inspirations on their website :)

Add a pocket to your Nico t-shirt  >> FREE POCKET PATTERN AND TUTORIAL

Rashguards for Boys and Men Thanks to our small grading increments, you can easily go up or down a few size for a more fitted look (for a very fitted rashguard). If your fabric has 70% stretch across the grain and in the length, you can go down 3 sizes for a look like this:

FunkiFabric RUB387

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