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How to Color Block a Leotard

Last year you bought a gymnastics leotard pattern with classic, plain front for your daughter. Like easy-to-make 3138. However, this season, after browsing on Pinterest for a little too long, she found THE leotard. The style every cool kid at the gym is begging their mom to buy (or make). A beautiful two-tone leo with a bright, oddly-shaped appliqué between the two colours.

You look online but obviously cannot find a pattern with the exact same cut your daughter has been dreaming about. The solution? Draw on your pattern and cut!

Yes. You can do it.

It is actually much easier than it sounds. You will not have to buy another pattern or a RTW leotard!

Mel Henry from Filles à Maman (who is also a Super Mom to a stylish teen) shows you how to do that. A step by step color-blocking tutorial, with lots of beautiful photos. Take a look, find your craziest fabrics to mix and match and have fun!


We recently shared this mini-catalog on our Facebook page and it was a big hit. I thought it might be a good idea to post it here so everyone can flip through the pages.

To save the catalog in PDF format that you can view offline, click the OPEN button. You will see an option to save as PDF:

Also, we linked every photo to it's pattern page on the website to make your shopping faster and easier. We will include a printed copy of this mini-catalog with every shipment too so you can share it with sewing friends, coaches or keep in your sewing room for inspiration :)

Jalie 3022 Hack - Tie-Side Shorts by Dawn

Hi guys! It's Dawn, of Two On, Two Off, doin' a little guest blogging over at the Jalie blog. You knew it would happen eventually. I'm just waiting to get my Canadian citizenship so I can move into Jalie headquarters and be even more of a superfan. If they won't let me live there, I will be that creepy woman around the corner that asks for sugar at your door and then peeks around at the inside of your house. I'm sure they will love that . . .

Anyhoo, do you ever need some mind-numbing vegging time? On the computer? With Pinterest? I swear that site has caused several remodeling projects and several garments over the years. My husband has grown leary of my glassy-eyed admiration.

Me: Honey, what do you think about painting our bedroom Whispering Spring?
Honey Bear: Uh-huh.
Me: Ooooh, what about Quiet Moments?
Honey Man: What? Quiet what??
Me: You know, calm blue shades that will help us unwind. Ooooh, how about Beach Glass?
Him: *blink, blink*
Him: Oh crap, are you loo…

4 Things to Know about Shipping

Your favorite retailer does not have the patterns you want on hand? You can order directly from us. We ship worldwide via Letter Mail (postal service) and Parcel services (Canada Post and UPS).

1 - Always enter your complete address If you enter only a partial address, you will not see all options available and the quote might be incorrect.

It is important that you enter not only the country, but also the state/province AND postal code in order for the shipping options to refresh.

2 - Use gift cards to get free or discounted shipping We offer FREE SHIPPING on Canada / US orders $70 or more (international orders get a $20 discount). The thing is... you don't necessarily need 6 paper or PDF patterns that day.

To get to the $70 total, you can also use gift cards from you to you!
THREE PATTERNS ($39) + $40 GIFT CARD (to yourself) = ENOUGH FOR THE SHIPPING PROMO!  (you save $14.51 - not bad!)

If you always buy a gift card for the amount you need to reach a total of $70 you will never p…

How to Print and Assemble your Jalie PDF Patterns

You successfully purchaseddownloaded and opened your Jalie PDF pattern in Adobe Reader or in your browser. You are now ready to print and assemble it.

1 - PRINT THE TEST PAGE FIRSTLocate the page where you see a TEST rectangle. Print (it can be an icon in your PDF viewer or browser or you might have to go through the File menu to select print) that page only. In the Éléonore Jeans PDF, the TEST rectangle is on page one, so we set the printing range to page 1 only:
When printing, make sure that:
You print at 100% scale. The labels in your dialog window may vary:FIT TO PAGE: NO (or unchecked)PRINT AT ACTUAL SIZE: YESSCALE = 100% You use a fast printing option, not high quality (to save ink)You print on one side onlyIf your pattern is layered (the information in included in the instructions when they are), hide the layers you do not wish to print, to print your size only. 2 - MEASURE THE TEST RECTANGLEIf the measurements are ok:Go ahead and print all the pagesIf the rectangle is too big…

How to Download your Jalie PDF Patterns

You purchased a PDF pattern on the Jalie website and are not sure how to download and print it? This blog post if for you!
HOW TO I GET TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE? All roads lead to Rome! Here are three easy ways to get to your PDF patterns:
1 - Immediately after you submit your order Click the link in the confirmation message to go directly to the Download Page
Oops! You hit back, closed the window? The link is no longer there? No worries you can still download your patterns: 2 - Through your Jalie account Click "My Downloadable Pattern" under the "My Account" tab or the link at the very bottom of the page to see the list of PDF Patterns linked to your account.

3 - Through your email confirmation In your order confirmation (you receive the email within seconds after placing your order), you will see the pattern you purchased with a link next to the file name (in blue). Those links will take you to the download page.

You may have to enter your login information if you h…

How to Buy a Jalie PDF Pattern

You are not familiar with PDF patterns? Don't worry, we will show you how easy it is to order, download, print and assemble our downloadable patterns.
Why buy PDF pattern?Because the style you want is out of print (like our sweetheart knit top our men's long underwear patterns)Because it is a PDF-only style that would not fit on our standard pattern sheets (like our ballet skirt collection)Because you need it right away or want to avoid paying shipping fees (click here to see all patterns available in PDF format)Because there is a 20% discount on PDF patterns when you purchase three patterns or more: Coupon code JALIE3PDF 5 EASY STEPS FOR PURCHASING A PDF From the catalog (quick purchase without going to the pattern detail page): Move your cursor over the pattern image, then over the shopping cart icon to open the little tab and click ADD TO CART and select PDF (if you only see Paper, it means that the patterns is only available in printed format)Click the ADD TO CART button