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New Collection - The Éléonore Pull-On Jeans

The Surrender By now, you probably know that my daughter Éléonore is a little girl who knows what she wants. When it comes to pants, here is what a pair of pants need to have to get her approval:
comfy low rise waistband (the belly button is off limits!)no buttons (not quick enough!)slim leg (but not too tight!)stretch woven (non-stretch denim is not comfortable enough, she wants her knits for leggings only and she claims lightweight non-stretch woven fabrics are "shorts fabrics") Her requests did make sense (and aren't we all picky when it comes to jeans?) but being as stubborn as her, I tried to have her wear yoga pants, poplin pants, cute jeans with appliqués. She.would.not.budge. 
I decided I had to pick my battles and let her win this one because I don't want her to wear leggings until she goes to college (and I also wanted to avoid going insane... arguing with a pre-schooler about pants rise before 7am is not my favorite thing to do). 
Finding pants like that i…

New Collection - The Bella Fit and Flare Dress

How it all startedLast October, we received this email: This is my heartfelt plea for you to expand your ballroom dancing section to include dresses suitable for competition and exam use. Like so many young dancers' mums (I'm actually a grandmother), I'm struggling to find suitable patterns for juvenile (under 12s) and junior (12+) dancers. At first, we thought we could never, e-v-e-r fit a ballroom dress pattern onto a pattern sheet. We were not sure we wanted to launch a two-sheet pattern but because we were absolutely stunned by the price of ready-to-wear ballroom dresses out there ($300+ for a very basic dress), we thought it would make many mom (and grandmothers) happy with a pattern.

The pattern includes a leotard that is attached to the dress at the armholes (this way, there is no pulling at the neck if the fit on the leo is a little short and less layers at the neckline). Needless to say that it was not difficult convincing our little model to wear a "princess …

New Collection - The Carmen Skating Dress

Making a seamless sleeve was no easy task, but we worked hard and are so happy with the final result and very proud to share it with you today!

Who is Carmen? We did not name this dress after the famous opera or famous detective. Carmen is the owner of Entreprises Rodebec, our town's best kept secret. She opened the store in the 70's, selling speed skating skates and has now become a reference in the region for gymnastics, skating, synchro swimming, dance.

At 78 (going on 30!) she is always there, welcoming young athletes every day with her beautiful smile, singing as she cuts fabrics and counts rhinestones.

Whenever we need something for a skating costume or photo shoots (fabric, feathers, ballet slippers, rhinestones, skates, chiffon in 750 different color, tiaras, name it!) we call her to the rescue, even when the store is closed!

We go there so often that Rodebec was the kids' first official Jalie fabric shopping experience!

The Dress
Seamless sleeve: three-quarter len…

New Collection - The Anne One-Piece Cheerleading Uniform

You spoke, we listened. One of the most frequently asked questions is:
 "Do you have any cheer patterns?" Some people were looking for tops, bodysuits with shorts, skirts or bodysuits with skirt. We noticed that people were struggling most with one-piece uniforms so we decided to make a pattern for everyone out there who has been hacking/combining/altering patterns for cheerleading squads and dancers, to make their lives easier :)

The Name While we were testing the pattern, I saw cheer photos of Taylor, my friend Stacy's daughter on my Instagram feed. I have been following Stacy's blog for many years. She is a long time Jalie fan, one of the first bloggers who ever wrote about us. She is always there for us whenever we need her opinion or advice on something. Too sad Wichita, Kansas is too far from Quebec to go for coffee together while our kids are at school :)

I offered to name the pattern after her daughter who just graduated from high school where she was a chee…

New Collection - The Anne-Marie Tanks and Dress

The Name  The pattern is named after our dear friend Anne-Marie. She is a super creative sewist (check out her blog I Mani D'Oro to see her lovely creations!) and also an avid cyclist who is stylish, even with a helmet on. We met at PR Weekend in Montreal back in 2010 and kept in touch since then.

We loved her idea of a cycling dress, but thought is was targeting a very niche market. After attending a tennis lesson with my first prototype, I made everyone jealous with my super-duper back pocket. I was official: this little pattern was going to be wayyyy more than just a cycling dress!

The Design The dress has:

a soft V neck (not too high, not too low)a shelf bra (with a clever sewing technique for a clean finish - no binding!)princess seams, no side seamsracer back (you can have fun color blocking!)optional pocket that can hold up to 4 tennis balls (adult sizes - apple purée packs or My Littlelest Petshop toys in kids sizes :))
This pattern includes three views: Fitted tank (fitted…

New Collection - The Lillie Leotard

The Name  It has been a great honour to count Fiona Buttery as our friend AND gymnastics critic/expert since 2010. She is a super talented sewist who makes stunning leotards for elite/international competitions. She is the designer behind the Team GB RG leotards for the London 2012 Olympics. Yes. She is THAT awesome!

It is with great pleasure that we named this new gymnastics pattern after Lillie, her youngest daughter who was an elite gymnast and starred in Chalk, a short film a short film directed by BAFTA winning film-maker Martina Amati (for which Fiona made stunning leos too!).

The Inspiration
Everyone in Quebec remembers young Nadia Comaneci at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. The stripes that ran under the sleeves and on the sides made her arms look a mile long! We wanted to replicate that effect, but on a more modern leotard.
The Pattern

As we were making prototypes, we added a princess seam that 1) makes it suuuuper easy to adjust for a perfect fit and 2) is very flattering, slim…

New Collection - The Cora Running Tights

Last year, a customer made a special request for stretch breeches. We really liked the idea of pants without an inseam. After looking at many breeches in specialized stores, we realized customers would have a hard time finding the right fabric for them. We decided to keep the idea of a no-inseam pants, and took it to the next level.

We used lycra and as soon as I put on the first prototype last summer, we knew we were on the right track! A few pairs later, we came up with the back pocket idea. A wonderful, magical pocket that keeps your phone (of your favorite little music machine) in place. No bouncing. I even tried with a key. It didn't move around.

It fits an iPhone perfectly (adult sizes) and Henri wanted me to tell you that in kids size, the pocket is perfect for storing Pokemon cards :)

Many of you already know Dawn,  the blogger from Two On Two Off. She is a long-time fan who sews, blogs, teaches AND runs (she also tested many patterns in this collection). We named this pat…