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Video : How to Make a Bra

We just uploaded a new video tutorial showing you how to make a wireless bra using Jalie 3131 - Bra and Camisole sewing pattern. In the video, you can steps from A to Z and Jeanne shows both the regular and nursing clips (on the same bra).

Here are links to SewSassy, where you can find all the notions used in the video:

Sliders and Rings
Nursing Clips
Hook and Eye Closures
Strapping and Finishing (plush) Elastic
Foldover Elastic

If you would like to insert bra cups, simply cut an extra pair of cup linings.  Before assembling the bra, baste a first lining to the cups. Then, cut across the top of the other lining (this will create an opening between the two linings), pin and baste it so the cup+lining.

Reprints are in!

Just a quick post to let you know that Gymnastics Leotards 2792 and Men's Skating Pants 2803 are finally back in stock!

We are working on a new video that should be online in a few days... Stay tuned :)

Video Instructions

As you probably noticed on the video banner on this blog, we recently added video tutorials showing the techniques we use to sew knits and elastics. With all the positive feedback we received, we decided to go ahead and show how to sew our latest skating dress pattern (3136) from A to Z.

The dress has a neckline binding using the same technique as our dress pattern 3024 and our onesie pattern 3133. Go to 1:33 to view the binding technique and skip the first dress assembly steps.

Ready, Set, Click!

Good news! I just finished uploading the patterns to the website. The new collection is officially avaiable for pre-order. The backs of patterns are there, but I will be done preparing/uploading the PDF instructions only next week.

Please note that all orders containing a new pattern will ship complete when all the patterns are in, which should be between Oct. 5 and 7. Of course, we will process them in the order they were received.

Happy shopping everyone!

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Last but not least, pattern 3136 - Dance / Skating Leotards and Dresses

The idea of the pattern is a bit similar to pattern 3026: a leotard with optional skirt sewn to the outside of the garment (instead of having a seam at the waist).

View A has a surplice neckline with binding (like dress 3024)

You can use the same fabric for both sides, a contrast fabric or even nude mesh for an asymmetrical look. The picture above shows View A with the skirt.

Here is a photo of View B (boat neckline) as a dance leotard:

The pattern also includes a cap sleeve for more versatility.

That's it :) You've seen all the pattern previews! My next post will be when the patterns are up on the website for pre-order.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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We just finished our last photo shoot with a lovely family.

Here are Damien and his dad, Eric wearing their polo shirts, our new pattern #3137:

The pattern includes polo shirt with short of long banded sleeve, back yoke, side slit, flap pockets and shoulder tabs.

Of course the pockets, flaps and shoulder tabs are optional. One the pattern cover you will see a plain long sleeve and a short sleeve with one pocket (no flap) version.

This pattern is already a winner at our house. I hope you like it too :)

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Change of plans! I know we were supposed to show you a dance/skating pattern, but after an intense photo shoot with my 11 month old baby girl (who took her first steps 3 weeks ago and now won't stop walking), I wanted to share a few photos of our new onesies with you instead :)

"Shhhhh... Your little baby's sleeping..." Look at Éléonore listening carefully to her grandmother's story :)  I just loooove this picture!

3133 is a basic onesie pattern. It includes a choice of two binded necklines: boatneck or crew neck, sleeveless or with regular or puffed sleeve (short or long) and two little decorations (ruffles for girls, tie for boys) that really dresses up the onesie.

The onesie pattern is designed for four-way stretch fabric and as you can see on the pictures, the fit can change a lot depending on the fabric you use.

All onesies on the photos are the same size (6M + 1 inch for Éléonore who is 11 months old, but who only weighs 17 pounds. The extra 1 inch was not …

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Here is one pattern that took us months to fine tune: 3131 - Bra and Camisole

We had women of all ages, with breast of all shapes and sizes (32C, 36A, 34B, 34D, 38C, 44DD...) try it and we modified the pattern until we had a great fit, with everything is in its place, with the breasts supported, but not squished (we will put pictures of the prototypes -indicating with the bra size our testers usually wear so you can relate- on our website).  The bra gives the illusion of a wire, but it is wireless.

We came up with an easy way to pick your size without making any reference to your actual bra size. Full bust measurement = Cup Size and Underbust measurement = Band size. For example, if your measurements are 40 inches (full bust) and 32 inches (underbust), you would use Jalie size "Y" for the cup and Jalie size "V" for the band. It's THAT easy!

All the notions are easily available online. We bought our clips, strapping, finishing and band elastics from two stores: …

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Jalie's take on a staple garment: 3129 - Women's Vests.

When you are a t-shirt & jeans type like I am (and suffer from the post-baby-muffin-top syndrome), a little vest can quickly become your new best friend :) Its brings a new life to plain tees and hides little bumps and lumps showing with tops that are a bit tight around the waist.

We put a Jalie twist to it with a great sewing technique that is totally different from what people are used to. Sewing these lined vests involves NO HAND STITCHING! For those of you who made 2921, Jeanne says it is just as fun as the scarf-collar top sewing technique.

This pattern includes three different styles:

A - Classic vest with darts (front and back) and mock welt pocket and back tie

B - More edgy style with princess seams, decorative flap and peplum

I really like how the peplum pieces meet at center back.

C - Cropped vest (view B without the peplum)

This pattern comes in 17 sizes (so do the shirt and nursing tops patterns), starting …

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It has been a few years since we had a "real" sporty swimsuit. I am not a big fan of one-piece swimsuits, but would always ending picking this one when going to the pool with the kids (I think it is more practical than my usual bikini...). As opposed to many one-piece suits out there, this one gave the illusion of feminine curves rather than just the flat, square, look.

3134 is a racerback swimsuit with lined front and a flattering contrast inset.

On this one, we added a white piping effect using a narrow strip of lycra that we sewed with a zigzag stitch. When stretching the strip of fabric, it rolls under and flattens as you sew.

Here is an all-black version:

We were happy to have a mother-daughter pattern cover that shows the range of sizes: The pattern includes all sizes from toddler to plus sizes.

Next preview: 3129, another pattern for woven fabrics...

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When my daughter was born, I wanted to give breastfeeding a second chance, but had very little time to sew (remember, we were launching the new collection at the same time). So... I went shopping for breastfeeding tops. I could not believe it! Little to no selection, everything was suuuuper expensive, most of the tops did not fit at all (too big or very tight), everything was black or burgundy (no prints - which is weird because solid colors + baby = stains)...

I quickly turned to my creative mom and told her we had to come up with something that did not look like a tent and that would be fitted, yet not too tight (because let's just say that I did not get back into shape as quickly this second time around...). This idea quickly became my favorite pattern of the summer :) We made it in a tee-shirt and tunic length (that I would wear with leggings - I did not want to buy/make jeans before I had lost all the baby weight).

So here is our new nursing tee, 3132:

This is View B, a flatt…

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Since I did not have time to post previews during the weekend, I'll show you two new patterns today :)

First up, sewing pattern 3135, a costume-making basic that will make many skating club seamstresses happy :)

3135 is a basic zip-front skin suit pattern with collar and hood options. It's gusseted crotch is very comfortable.

With long sleeves and legs, it can be used as a base for many costumes (Avatar, Catwoman, Blue Man Group, base for any superhero in tights...). If you need to make a feline costume, check out Spandex World's animal print velvets - #4880, 1955 and 8319 - we ordered a few yards for prototypes and they all have a great 4-way stretch and recovery! Even though it is listed as a women's pattern, it can easily be lengthen to fit a boy's longer torso and legs.

Make it with short sleeves and legs, you get yourself a short wetsuit. Perfect for protecting kids from the sun and an interesting alternative for parents looking for a modest swimsuit option.


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Since we discontinued pattern 2322, our women's shirt pattern, I received tons of emails asking us if we would ever make another shirt pattern. Well... Here it is :)

We wanted to make a casual shirt that is easy to adjust and easy to wear. It's fitted, but not too tight, simple, yet with a little edge to it. It has darts at front/back waist and at the bust, a back yoke, 7/8 sleeve, no-fuss cuff, optional flap pockets and sleeve ties and a standing collar.

Make it in a light fabric and omit the pockets for a totally different, more classic look...

We worked very hard to have a cut that flatters as many body types as possible. After many fittings, I think we succeeded. Broad backs, small frames, short torso, full to tiny bust... just like our famous 2908 jeans pattern, this shirt somehow manages to look good on pretty much everyone :)

Stay tuned for the 3135 preview!

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Yes, T-E-N new patterns (pattern-numbers-to-be 3129 to 3138) will be in our warehouse before the end of the month!

As usual, I will show you pictures of one or two patterns every day or so until they are all available for pre-order on our website.

Here are two pictures our new gymnastics tank leotard and biketard (3138).

View A has a regular leg (we made the front and back two different colors on this one and used the front fabric for appliques in the back and back fabric for appliques in the front):

View B has a boy leg with a crotch panel (design similar to discontinued pattern 2317).

A simple design that sews very quickly. We used the 3024 binding technique for the neck and armholes and finished leg openings with elastics (View A) and topstitching/coverstitching (View B).

For the butterfly appliqués (that we sewed to the pattern pieces before sewing the leo together), we used our brand new Sizzix machine with the butterfly die set. If you like the appliqués but don't feel li…

How to Sew Stretch Fabrics

People often think that they can't sew stretch fabrics with their regular sewing machines. Actually, all you need is a regular zigzag stitch and straight stitch! Here's the technique Jeanne has been teaching since the early 80's:

First, baste your pieces with a regular zigzag stitch (medium width, approximately 10 stitches per inch). VERY IMPORTANT: "ZIG" on the fabric and "ZAG" in the air as you can see in the video.Sew a straight stitch (again, regular length - not too long or too short). As you can see, she bar tacks at the beginning and then STRETCH THE FABRIC GENTLY as she goes. This way, the fabric keeps pretty much it's original stretch.This step is optional, but will reinforce your seam. It's another straight stitch, right over the first one. You have to stretch the fabric again, just like you did the first time:
It's as simple as that! Here you can see that our "regular machine stitch" has as enough stretch as the serger st…

Back in Stock

Reprints for Skating Dress (2800), Stretch Jeans (2908) and Cardigan pattern 2919 will be in tomorrow. Their status has already been changed to "in stock" so you can add them to your cart.

Happy sewing!


Postal workers are back to work, things are going back to normal. All orders that were on hold are packed and ready to go! Yeah!

Also, reprints for the 2800, 2919 and 2908 should be available very shortly. We were supposed to wait until the new collection to reprint them, but decided to go ahead and reprint earlier because of the high demand for these designs. I will let you know when they arrive to our warehouse.

Canada Post Shuts Down Urban Operations Nationwide

It's now official, no mail is moving in Canada! All orders shipped via Lettermail (1-3 patterns) or Small Packet Air (4+ patterns shipped outside North America) are on hold until the conflict resolves. All 4+ pattern orders shipped to the US and 8+ patterns shipped outside North America are still being shipped via UPS.

Let's hope it won't last too long!

NOTE: If your order is already on its way, please be patient.If your order is currently on hold and you wish to cancel it to order from a local retailer (all retailers outside Canada receive their orders via UPS), please let us know.

Update on the Postal Strike

Since the postal worker union voted for rotating strikes affecting only one region every day, we have been able to ship orders that were on hold. Even though mail is still processed, Canada Post implemented cost-reducing measures because of the drop in mail volume that could add a few days to normal delivery times.

To make sure people get their patterns asap, we ship via UPS whenever it's possible. For more information on the postal strike, please visit InfoPost.

Notice of a Work Disruption at Canada Post

Bad news:
"Canada Post received notice that the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) intends to begin strike activities at 11:59 p.m. EDT on June 2, 2011. In the event of a strike, Canada Post will not operate. Mail and parcels will not be delivered."Orders shipping to Canada: 
All orders will be on hold until the conflict resolves. If you want us to ship your order via UPS, let us know and we will send you a money request for the difference in shipping cost.Orders shipping to the US:  Orders shipping via parcel service (4+ patterns) will ship via UPS instead of postal service at no extra cost. Orders shipping via letter mail (1-3 pattern orders) will be on hold until the conflict resolves. If you need 1-3 patterns, we strongly recommend you purchase from a US retailer. For a complete list of Jalie retailers, please visit: shipping outside North America:  Orders shipping via letter mail (1-3 pattern orders) will be on hold until …

There's an App for That Too!

Great news! We just released a free Jalie Application for all iPhone/iPod/iPad owners out there!
This means that you can now take your Jalie catalog with you without having to connect to the internet. When you have access to a network, you can download and save backs of patterns and instructions for your next trip to the fabric store.

The application lets you add patterns to an offline shopping cart and when you are connected to the Internet, simply hit the checkout button to move all the items to our online shopping cart and complete your purchase (the buy 3, get 1 free promotion on still applies).

We also added a Projects section where you can log what you have made (size used, modifications, results, etc) and submit the projects for our Hall of Fame in a few taps.

We hope you like it :)

P.S.:  The app was the secret project on the picture in the  "Family at Work" post

Jalie on Ice

I recently received an email from a professional skater who made all the costumes for Sterren Dansen Op Het IJs, the Dutch version of Skating with the Stars. He said he used our patterns for each and every costume on the show (modified of course - as you can see in the photos below) and the results are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g:

It is such a thrill to see our patterns come to life in such beautiful pieces. I could not help but browse online to find more photos... I stumbled across this funky version of leotard 2792 (view C) with a "slightly" higher leg.  Click the link to view more photos of the show.

Kudos to Simon and his team for those three months of hard (but ooooh so productive) work. I'm sure it will inspire many skaters out there!

3028 - Twist-Front Assembly

I received a few emails asking more detailed instuctions for the Twist-Front Skating Dress. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought it might be a good idea to post photos of each step.

Please allow a few seconds/minutes for the slideshow to appear:

Family at Work

I've been coming to work with Éléonore since she is two weeks old. Her dad (our 2678 board shorts model - yes, I'm a lucky lady!) comes along with us too.

Here is a fun photo that gives you a hint about an upcoming project... Can you guess what it is? I'm sure that techies among you will figure it out right away :)

At 4 months old, she is still teeny-tiny, unlike her big brother at the same age, and has a great personality! Working with a baby does affect productivity a bit, but having the opportunity to spend so much time together in the first months of her life is well worth it.

Reprints are In!

Good news! Sewing pattern 2795 - Zip-Front Jacket and Hoodie is now back in stock and ready to ship.