Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Use Double-Needles

I sometimes receive emails from customers who ask for tips an tricks for things like sewing fold-over elastic, topstitching knit tops and hemming. I often recommend double needles for a neat look, but I realized that many people are afraid of using them (and don't sew enough to justify purchasing a cover stich machine).

Since we do not have time to come up with little videos or articles about sewing techniques at the moment, I thought I would share one I found this morning with you. There is an interesting video on Nancy's Notions that shows the different sizes available (and the use for each of them) and how to use double-needles to hem a knit garment.

Double-needles come in very handy with the following sewing patterns:
They are also great when sewing swimwear in order to get that RTW finish on all elastics. As a kid I would often ask my mom to use them (can't believe I did that) instead of sewing with zigzags (can't believe I did that) during that "wearing-mom's-creations-is-not-cool-anymore" phase... You know... At that age when you are dying to blend it and strongly believe that other kids actually notice zigzag stitches on your bathing suits...