Friday, December 10, 2010

More Sewing Patterns on Our E-Patterns Site

I recently received many emails from people looking for our Women's Shirt (2322) and Jean Jacket (2320) patterns. Both were discontinued a while ago and since we will not reprint them, we decided to add them to our e-pattern line, along with the 2443 gymnastics leotard pattern.

You can now purchase them at Once you save a pattern to your computer, you can print/cut it as often as you need. Taping the pages is time consuming, but you don't need to trace it afterwards... Simply cut the pattern and print it again in the future if you need it in another size.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mademoiselle Jalie

I am happy to introduce you to Éléonore! She was born on October 3rd (a full week late), weighing a healthy 8 lbs and measuring 19 inches long. Even though things are not as stressful with baby, it is a bit of a challenge having a toddler and a newborn under the same roof :) We are very lucky, she is a very calm baby and Henri is an amazing, very caring big brother and his "terrible two" is not so terrible after all.

Since staying home all day is not my forte, I have been in and out of the office for the last couple of weeks, bringing baby and daddy along. We are already brainstorming for the next collection and some exciting new projects... Stay tuned!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The New Sewing Patterns Are In!

Our latest sewing patterns are now in the warehouse (love the smell of fresh ink!). All pre-orders have been shipped and life is back to normal until baby girl arrives (it could be any day now) :)

I can't wait to read the first new collection review... What will it be? Dress, Skatewear, Swimwear?

I went for a family photo shoot and for the "belly shots", I wore a black wrap halter top with all-black yoga pants. I had to fold the waistband over because of the (huuuuge) belly, but it still looked very nice. Henri and his dad had matching black t-shirts

Because my bust measurement is pretty much all "ribs and back", let's just say that I needed less coverage for the wrap (it looked like the little girls' wraps on me and I wanted it a bit lower). We did a little alteration to reduce the width of the wrap on the side, but that took only a few minutes (no need to cut anything, two small stitches did the trick) and the result was exactly what I wanted. I will explain it in more details when I have some time to take pictures of it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Patterns Now Available for Pre-Order

Good news! You can now place your pre-order for the new sewing patterns. They should be ready to ship around the 23rd. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Sewing Patterns Preview - 7 of 7

Last but not least! 3028 - Figure Skating Dresses, a figure skating dress pattern with a twist... literally :)

This pattern includes two upper bodice styles and optional flounce for the tiered A-line skirt.
  • View A has a twist front and allows for fun color blocking when you use two different fabrics for the twist piece layers.
  • View B has a halter neckline with a pinched V front. This style will be very popular amongst skaters who like Joanie Rochette's halter dresses!
The back is open with a piece that goes across, just below the shoulder blades. An elastic is sewn where the upper and lower bodice meet for a nice snug fit.

A teenager who saw the dress told me it reminded her of Bella's prom dress in Twilight (that I have not had a chance to watch - so I quicly went online to take a look and SHE WAS RIGHT!!! Longer flounces and the right blue would indeed work wonderfully for a Bella program :)

Now that you have seen previews of the entire collection, you will have a to wait a few days before pre-ordering your favorite styles from Some retailers might also allow pre-orders, so keep checking your favorite store's website for updates!

Good news for US customers and stores: Canada Post and USPS have signed a new agreement and now offer quicker delivery. This means that delivery should now take 5-7 business days instead of the 10-12 business days we were used to.

New Sewing Patterns Preview - 6 of 7

Sorry for the delay! My long weekend was pretty busy with pre-press work, pre-baby renovations, and painting/decorating Henri's bowling-themed big boy bedroom - yes... my son is obsessed with bowling... I don't know why... but he is :)
The next pattern in the list is actually three pieces that people will not necessarily wear together, but that will be a staple pattern for costumes of all kinds and for those of you who like quick projects: 3027 - Dancewear

The pattern includes the following:
  • Wrap halter top (also shown in the yoga pants pictures) - This top looks great on its own, but is also very cute as a swimsuit cover-up or over a cami. This is why I plan to wear (in black) for my "official" pregnancy pictures (with all-black yoga pants). It will be much better than the plain tube top they had at the studio when I went for my first pregnancy!
  • Pull-on spiral skirt (6 gores) - The perfect pattern to get rid of those tiny knit pieces in your stash that are just too pretty to throw away, but to small to make anything else...

  • Tights (footed or over-the-boot) - For Halloween, Roller Derby, Figure Skating... So much fun to have one-of-a-kind tights/hosiery.

We did have fun with the skirt pattern and some remnants from our fabric room that reminded me of the Queen of Hearts:

We paired the skirt with the ballet leotard, used clear elastic for both straps and made little ruffled decorations using chiffon strips that we sewed on the cover stitch and then over stretch elastic to create stretch trimming. We used it for one strap and put small pieces on the skirt hem. The leotard's peplum hides the skirt's yoke and keeps the skirt from riding up (because it does not have attached briefs).

I won't keep you waiting any longer... I will type the next post right away :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Sewing Patterns Preview - 5 of 7

Over the years, we received requests from all over the world for rhythmic gymnastics and twirling costumes. We were a little hesitant due to the special requirements for those costumes, but a few months ago, we received an email from a very talented sewist from the UK who was a real inspiration and we decided to go ahead with the design, backed with her expertise and very specific requirements that guided us though the design.
Thank to this great collaboration, pattern 3026 - Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard will now allow gymnasts from all over the world to get a unique leotard without breaking the bank.

The leotard can be made with or without the short A-line skirt. For the yellow and pink leotards, we cut flowers from  printed spandex and sewed them all over one side and cut 1-cm-wide stripes that we sewed to the sleeves for a spiral effect.

The ribbon and start appliqué pattern is included in the pattern and we indicate in the instructions when appliqués should be sewn to make it as easy as possible.

This pattern can of course be used for skating. We made a stunning skating dress in black velvet with black mesh yoke and sleeves. Because the skirt is sewn to the right side of the leotard (no waist seam), it can easily be lowered or changed as the skater grows.

Because we do not have the time and patience to glue all those stones one by one (there are over 200 stones on the yellow leotard to give the flowers a "little" sparkle), we used a hot-fix rhinestones and transfer paper that works very well for this type of project. You simply have to put the stones face down on the paper and then iron them on the garment!

The next pattern is a pattern that will surprise a few people and will be a good inspiration for your next Halloween party!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Sewing Patterns Preview - 4 of 7

Now, a sewing pattern for skaters of all ages and levels that need fun pieces for practice: 3025 - Figure Skating Dresses. Even though this pattern is labeled as a skating pattern, I'm sure many people will make good off-the-ice use of this pattern.
The pattern includes two short freestyle skirts and two longer dance dress that would be great for ballroom dancing:
  • View A: A-Line skirt with optional patch pocket
  • View B: Fishtail skirt
  • View C: Asymmetrical skirt
  • View D: Circular skirt
All styles have a yoke with 3/4'' elastic and attached briefs. View D is shorter on the sides so that the leg looks longer.

For those who are wondering about the leotard on the pictures, it is sewing pattern 2674. We simply omitted the skirt and pinched the front using the technique shown in our unitard and tutu pattern.

I can't skate, but plan on making the asymmetrical skirt or fishtail skirt in a nice slinky when I am back to pre-pregnancy size. I will most probably turn it into a simple pull-on skirt without the briefs.

Stay tuned for more patterns... :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Sewing Patterns Preview - 3 of 7

Those of you who attended PR Weekend in Montreal in May had to chance to see (and even try on) new pattern 3024 - Dresses.
This new sewing pattern is an empire dress pattern with a choice of three different necklines and an optional flounce. A dress... Yes! Jalie now has a dress pattern :) Not only is is very versatile, but you can sew this under an hour. That's even faster than driving to the closest store to find a dress that fits!
  • View A is a short kimono sleeve and boat neckline with hidden binding
  • View B is a sleeveless cross-over neckline with visible binding
  • View C is a sleeveless scoopneck neckline with visible binding
Here is a picture of View A made in one solid color with the optional flounce at the hem for a longer dress:

Here is a picture of View C we made with a striped knit we found in Montreal during PR weekend. Having the waist inset and skirt of the same color gives a totally different shape to the dress, raising the waistline to the narrowest part of the body.

Last but not least, View B and a belly update:

At 36+ weeks, needless to say that is is stretched quite a bit :) It looks much shorter in the front (hence the cropped photo) since I would really need a full tummy adjustment by now. The binding technique allows a snug fit that does not gape.

The way it is sewn gives it an "elastic" feel, without the elastic. The binding is only visible on the right side for views B and C. The technique is simply reversed for the boatneck so that only the topstitch is visible on the right side of the fabric.

Another interesting thing about this pattern is that front and back are identical. We had very skeptical women of all shapes and sizes try this dress and they all fit like a glove. This allows you to have two dresses in one when using a print and can't decide on pattern placement (for example, my dress has more black on one side and more pink prints on the other side). Hint hint: View B and C having the same shoulder strap width, you can even combine scoop and crossover necklines. One dress, two totally different looks: scoop front with crossover back or crossover front with scoop back!

Once your closet is packed with new Jalie dresses, you can use this pattern to make knit tops. Simply crop the pattern to the desired top or tunic length :) 

Next up: A pattern for skating practices

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Sewing Patterns Preview - 2 of 7

Many of you emailed us asking for more swimwear. some of you asked for swim dresses, others for tankinis with wider shoulder straps for more support, some wanted hip and young designs while others wanted something suitable for moms, with more coverage, but not too much. You talked, we listened!
Here is the next pattern in our new collection: 3023 Tankini / Skirtini

This pattern includes:
  •  A tank top with integrated shelf bra, side shoulder straps (that can be sewn straight or crossed in the back) and optional casings at side seams for adjustable ruching. I have been wearing those tank top prototypes (in a more subtle cotton lycra) during the whole summer (which as not been very pregnancy-friendly for Quebec standards!!!)
  • Briefs with a wide waistband that pleases both kids and adults - not too low, not too high. The waistband has a hidden elastic (same technique as the yoga pants) at the top.
  • Swim skirt with attached panties and wide waistband.
Many moms will be happy to finally have an swimwear option that can grow with their kids. With the casings at side seams, simply pull the drawstring to shorten the tank top for the first summer and leave it without ruching for the next year!

I hope you all like this new design and will pack a Jalie suit for your next vacation :)

Coming up: Instant gratification in a pouch!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Sewing Patterns Preview - 1 of 7

I know that many of you have been waiting for news of the upcoming collection for a while. Without further ado, here are some pictures of the first pattern to be release soon (before the end of the month): 3022 - Yoga Pants and Shorts

We recently discontinued pattern 2445 to replace it with this super-flattering, tighter fitting and more jogging-friendly pattern. The pattern will be available in 27 sizes.

Here are the main differences with pattern 2445:
  • Waistband has a hidden elastic (topstitching only visible on the wrong side of the waistband) that keeps the waistband from riding down
  • The outer waistband allows for fun color blocking (i.e. getting rid of tiny knit pieces in your stash that you just can't use for other project but that are too cute to throw away)
  • The leg is more fitted and the flare now fits much better over a pair of sneakers
  • There is a seam on the back of the leg that 1) makes it much easier to adjust for those (lucky) ones who have skinny thighs and 2) breaks the "not-as smooth-as-I-want-it-to-be" effect we sometimes get with workout pants when our fabric reveals just too much, especially if you topstitch it with your cover stitch or with a double needle

Of course, there is no need for me to explain when/where you can wear yoga pants. However, for those of you who think that only dancers and kids can wear the shorts, you too can wear them! You can easily use swimwear material to make yourself a pair of swim shorts with this pattern. Because of the waistband and back seam, they feel and look totally different from our 2446 bikini boy shorts.

Stay tuned for more previews... next up: something that you might want to pack for your next vacation (or that our Aussie friends will soon need!).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back in Stock

Just a short post to let you know that reprints of our running skirt (2796), sports tops (2563), women's underwear (2568) and cloth diaper pattern (2907) are now back in stock. Please allow for a few days/weeks for your favorite retailer to replenish their stock (you might want to contact them if you have a pending order). If you were planning on buying on, the patterns are already back on the "In Stock" list.

We are currently sewing garments for the new pattern covers... Next step: photo shoots! I will be posting sneak peaks soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Use Double-Needles

I sometimes receive emails from customers who ask for tips an tricks for things like sewing fold-over elastic, topstitching knit tops and hemming. I often recommend double needles for a neat look, but I realized that many people are afraid of using them (and don't sew enough to justify purchasing a cover stich machine).

Since we do not have time to come up with little videos or articles about sewing techniques at the moment, I thought I would share one I found this morning with you. There is an interesting video on Nancy's Notions that shows the different sizes available (and the use for each of them) and how to use double-needles to hem a knit garment.

Double-needles come in very handy with the following sewing patterns:
They are also great when sewing swimwear in order to get that RTW finish on all elastics. As a kid I would often ask my mom to use them (can't believe I did that) instead of sewing with zigzags (can't believe I did that) during that "wearing-mom's-creations-is-not-cool-anymore" phase... You know... At that age when you are dying to blend it and strongly believe that other kids actually notice zigzag stitches on your bathing suits...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

All our Sewing Patterns on the Same Page

This is a minor addition to our online catalog, but some of you might find it useful. We added a category called Sewing Patterns by Jalie that displays all our current patterns on the same page (no need to browse around to look at all our patterns).

On that page, you can filter the results to view our latest collection or patterns that will soon be discontinued (i.e. sewing patterns available in very limited quantities that will not be reprinted). These new catalog sections are listed at the bottom on the left-hand side of our website.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jalie in Sew News

In the current issue of SewNews (June/July 2010), there is an article about swimwear and three of our patterns are shown in the Swimwear Showcase (One-Piece Swimsuit (2317)Tankini (2447) and Board Shorts (2678) (our Board Shorts pattern 2578 being the only men's pattern in the bunch!). It is always quite an honor to see our pattern covers in such popular magazines!

The article is quite interesting. It describes how to make a bathing suit (not a Jalie pattern though) and adapt a pattern to include bra cups for additional bust support. Many people are afraid to tackle swimwear project, but with all the beautiful fabrics available out there (and the sometimes ridiculously high price of RTW swimwear), I really think that everyone should try to make a swimsuit/bikini/tankini at least once!

For those coming to PR Weekend in Montreal, just ask me and I will tell you where to find fun (and affordable) swimwear material on fabric shopping day (we will be on beautiful-lycra hunt too for an upcoming photo shoot (hint, hint!)).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Special "+1" for PR Weekend Montreal

For those who did not know, Jeanne will be a guest at Pattern Review Weekend Montreal in June (18-20). She will give a few demos with your favorite Jalie patterns, showing different technique, tips and tricks. We will bring cases of patterns along as well and lots of Jalie garments in different sizes for people to try on.

I will be there to translate the demo (and chit-chat) and of course enjoy 3 days in a city that I loooove! We are very excited and are really looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new PR Friends! We will soon get started on that "travelling trunk show" to get as much done as possible for the event. Any special requests from people who will be in Montreal and are still unsure about trying a new Jalie pattern? :)

If you are not familiar with PR Weekends (or Pattern Review) and would like to know more about this fun sewing getaway, make sure you check out the "PR Weekend in Canada" post on the Pattern Review message board. Registration is open until May 30, but will close as soon as all the spots are filled.

On a totally different note, I am really happy to share one big news with you: I am pregnant with baby #2. Henri will be a big brother in about 6 months. This means that I will sport a pretty big belly in June! I hope I will be in good shape like I was for my first pregnancy and have all the energy I need for the fabric-shopping marathon!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Discontinued Yoga Pants Pattern

Some of you emailed me about discontinued pattern 2445 to know if we would reprint it. The bad news is that we decided to discontinued the pattern, so we will not reprint it, BUT it is now available as a download on our e-patterns store. We will also add pattern 2215 later this week.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

True Work of Art

This post won't be very long... Henri has been sick two weeks ago, I caught his cold, which turned into a sinusitis... Now the doctor tells me I have an ear infection... g-r-e-a-t! Let's just say that I'm not 100% productive and that unfortunately the blog is the first thing to get bumped down the "to-do" list...

In today's post, I would like to talk about a customer's blog. Dani, who lives in Australia and makes ballet costumes for her daughter, got in touch with us a few weeks ago. She sent us pictures of what she had made with the 2915 tutu pattern. I was more than impressed with the quality of her sewing and attention to details! 

She recently set up a blog where she discusses her latest creations and where everyone can see pictures of her beaaaaaaaautiful tutus. Seriously... All those lovely fabrics, colors, decorations... The hours of work... We can really tell that she has a true passion for both dance and sewing.

If you want to see real princess dresses that seem to come straight from fairy tales, go take a look: Tutus by Dani. I'm sure her blog will inspire many moms who make costumes for their dancing daughters out there!

Friday, January 29, 2010

As Promised...

Here is a little "action shot" showing how well my new bathing suit (made with sewing pattern 2916) did in the fun Salvadorian waves and a closeup of the back, which is what makes it special.

Since there was no lining in the upper front (because the fabric did not have the best stretch, we did not line the entire front like the unitard pattern calls for), we decided to use a little trick we learned from a local skater mom. I picked and old (and ugly) beige bra that we sewed to the front (where the straps are) and at the back (where the first loop is). To know where to sew the bra, I simply wore it underneath the bathing suit, dear mom marked the front and back edges onto the bra, sewed the bra where it should be and I cut (it does feel weird to cut a bra, but it was for a good cause!) whatever exceeded the edges.

I was very pleased with the result. Even though the bra doesn't have much padding, its wire helps for shaping and it acts as a very good lining where it's needed. Thank you Francine for this clever advice!

One thing I forgot to mention: Since the unitard is design for dancing/skating where more length is needed, and because a wet bathing suit always feels longer, we shortened the pattern by 1/2'' in the front and back (since I was not planning on doing any somersaults, bridges or other crazy contortions) when we overlapped the panties and bodice pieces.

While I was there, I saw a girl wearing a faux-tankini (one-piece with panties and bodice of different colors). I could easily have achieved this look with the unitard pattern, keeping the seam at the waist.

I really enjoyed this little vacation and couldn't wait to see Henri when I got back!!! Now... Back in creative mode for the next collection. If you have any special request for the next collection, please post them in the comments or email us.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Little Vacation...

After this crazy new collection rush, we are taking a few days off. I will be on the sandy beaches of El Salvador recharging my batteries to get our creative juices flowing when we reopen on January 26. This will be my first vacation without Henri (thanks mom!)... I'm going to miss him soooo much!

Meanwhile if you need some patterns, the following stores should have the patterns you need:
I will be packing mostly bikinis for the week, but I wanted to have a one-piece suit, just in case. As usual, I called mom to the rescue for some last-minute sewing. We taped 2916 bodice to 2800 panties (I didn't want a seam at the waist) and I now have a cute one-piece with a pinch front and spaghetti straps that criss-cross across the open back. Not great for sun bathing, but much more fun than a sporty speedo-type. Also, it's made from fabric that has been in our stash for ages... and it FITS! Can't beat that!

I will share pics of the pattern and of the bathing suit (flat on the table... not on me... unless I come back with an amazing tan and boosted confidence!).