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Happy Holidays!

Jalie will be closed from December 24th thru January 3rd. All orders and emails will be processed/answered as soon as we reopen on January 4th.

All new patterns orders placed before today have been shipped. Many online retailers will receive the new patterns shortly.

I would also like to take the time to thank you all for being there, sewing, posting and reviewing. Knowing that people all around the world share the same passion as us and like working with our patterns is truly inspiring.

We wish you all a wonderful year filled with creativity, good health, fun and quality time with your loved ones.

Jeanne & Émilie

New Patterns Now Available for Pre-Order

Here are links to the new patterns on our website:

Jalie 2915 - Dance Leotard and Tutu Skirt
Jalie 2916 - Strappy Unitard
Jalie 2917 - Freestyle and Dance Skating Dress (with skate boot cover)
Jalie 2918 - Men's T-Shirts
Jalie 2919 - Pleated Cardi and Vest
Jalie 2920 - Leggings, Stirrup Tights and Mini-Skirt
Jalie 2921 - Scarf-Collar Tops

You might also want to check with your local or favorite online retailer to see if you can pre-order from them (to save on shipping). I just sent all the pattern cover images and backs of patterns to online retailers.

The new collection should ship around December 23. Orders will ship on a first-in-first-out basis. If you are ordering on and want to make sure that yours ships before we close for the Holidays (Dec. 25 - Jan. 3), please place your order before December 18.

I haven't had time to put the instructions together in PDF format yet. They will be up next week.

Last but not Least...

Classic style with a modern twist... and without the bulk! I loooove draped knit cardigans. They look awesome when they are wrapped on models... but for some reason (I wonder if it's only me) I can never get them to stay wrapped nicely for more than 5 minutes and I end up taking them off after a while because I get tired of all that fabric hanging... And I end up thinking I look big because of the extra volume in the front... Not good..

Since we thought that other people were in the same situation... We are proud to show you the new "Jalie Cardi". It has the draped look we all like, ease around the hips, but no fabric getting in the way! The lovely pleats that run from shoulder seams down to the waist not only give it a unique look, but it keeps the garment flattering and fitted where it should be. The pointy shawl collar also adds a little je-ne-sais-quoi :)

The cardigan hit around the hips area, but if your fabric stretches a lot and is a bit on the heavy side, it might…

For Our Loyal Figure Skaters...

As you probably all noticed, every single Jalie collection includes at least one skating dress design. Many people begged us to design a dress with a longer skirt for dance programs... Well... Their wish has been granted :)  Our new pattern will work with pretty much any music style, for dance as well as freestyle programs.

From a classic waltz (long sleeve, mock neck, double-layer skirt) to a fiery tango or paso doble (sleeveless, crew neck, single-layer skirt)...

to a Wizard of Oz program (short puff sleeve, mock neck, shorter circular skirt, suspenders)!

With mock neck, sleeve and skirt options, the possibilities are endless! You can also play with contrast fabric at upper bodice and waist (for a cocktail dress with contrast sash look). The pattern also includes the skate boot cover shown on the Dorothy picture.

And Now... A Knit Top Pattern Preview!

Here is one versatile pattern that am sure many of you will fall in love with!

It is a Scarf Collar Top that you can tie is many different ways: through a buckle (as shown on the picture), with a bow, in the back for a cowl neck effect or you can also simply slide the ties through a little opening at center front for a clean, simple, yet stylish look.

Here is a picture of the "buckle" version (just like the top I wore in Portland). You will see the other options on the pattern cover :)

The top can be sleeveless or with short or 3/4 sleeve. Paired with our mini-skirt made with the same fabric, it looks like a tunic (or mini-dress) and you can wear it with our super-duper leggings (also an upcoming pattern). It is very easy to make and it perfect for all those light/medium weight drapy knits hiding in your stash!

A Little Dancer's Dream Come True

Every ballerina-to-be dreams or wearing a glittery tutu one day... Well... This lovely dancer we picked at a local dance school had the chance to not only wear a beautiful Jalie tutu, but also will be on the cover of our upcoming leotard + tutu pattern!

Here she is posing with Jeanne. She told us after the photo shoot that she was really happy she went to her dance class that morning after her soccer practice :)

The leotard has a special overlap design that covers the basque waistband (or any waistband: leggings, skirt or even jeans). As you can see on this picture, the leotard and tutu skirt are separate.

Here is a picture of the leotard with a mini skirt and stirrup tights:

The pattern will include a basque pattern and instructions showing how to sew the 5 layers of tulle. The tutu skirt on the picture has some hooping (to keep it looking like a "pancake" as much as possible), but it can be made without for a softer, bell shape.

The leotard will come in 22 sizes (like our skati…

Shhh... More Jalie Previews...

First off, I want to say that I now officially have nooooooo idea how photographers can work with toddlers for entire catalogs(for Gap or Children's Place)...

This morning was haircut day + photo shoot with Henri... Let's just say that it's not easy trying to convince a 16-month-old to stand still while mommy is 6 feet away "taking his picture with a funny-looking black toy with Canon written on it"!!!

Anyways... here is a sneak peak at our upcoming men's t-shirt pattern in adult size. It has a choice of two necklines: crew neck or V neck and three sleeve options: Short, Long or Double Sleeve. The pattern will include 27 sizes (from F (about 2T - that Henri wears on the picture) to FF - for 50" chest), just like most of our casual clothing patterns.

Special thanks to the guys working at 2nd Skin in Quebec City who did a great screen printing job on the t-shirts!

When Artists Meet...

Since one of our skating model is also a trapeze artist, we decided to have a trapeze installed in the studio for our latest photo shoot. The model brought her coach, Richard Cameron-Morneau, along for some tips and tricks (and to help us with the installation) and a professional make-up to look as "cirquish" as possible :)

We were delighted to meet and work with him. He is not only is a coach at the Ecole de Cirque ("School of Circus Arts") here in Quebec City, but also an aerial performer and make-up artist. He even worked with Cirque du Soleil on a few productions. Art runs through his veins and he is passionate about his work just like we are.

Here are a few pictures taken during the photo shoot (and a sneak peak at our upcoming unitard pattern ;) ).

Last-Minute Costume

We are so busy working on the upcoming collection that I totally lost track of time and thought for some reason that I still had plenty of time to come up with a clever costume idea for Henri...

On my way back from work on Thursday, I suddenly remembered that Friday was supposed to be early-Halloween at daycare... Grandma came to the rescue (once again!). I checked my costume stash and found a tattoo sleeved I had bought a while back and thought "Hey! That would work!". In fact, I saw the rocking tattoo tee on Stacy's blog and since Henri and Easton look alike, I was hoping he would look as cool as his US twin :)

It's a good thing that we will have a new Men's t-shirt (including a double-sleeve version) in the new collection - we had the pattern to make the t-shirt. We used the tattoo sleeve for one arm and sheer fabric (that we use for skating dresses) for the other. The sleeves were a bit long (which is not a big deal for a normal tee, but it looks a bit odd with…

Henri the Mini-Model

Here are some pictures of Henri showing off his new jackets:

The fit of the softshell jacket (2679) is pretty good, but I forgot to take into consideration that 3 year-olds usually don't wear cloth diapers like he does... So let's just say that he could have used some extra ease at the hem (that is about hip level). As I expected, sleeves are long (I can actually fold the piece I to the inside).

Now... the 2795 jacket... First of all, I have a confession to make: grandma finished it (and decided to add the hood :) ). It looks great, but because I did not check the required stretch ruler on the back of the pattern and because this sweatshirt fleece does not stretch at all, it is really snug... So what we will do is probably give this one to our cute tiny red-haired neighbor (who is only 3 weeks younger than Henri but much smaller and about half his weight!) and we will make another one for Henri with more ease everywhere, but keeping the same length. It looks short on the picture…

Like Father, Like Son

My mom made the cutest little softshell jacket today AND a bigger one for Frédéric (my boyfriend/Henri's dad) too!

Frédéric is 6'2" tall, has looong arms and 40" chest so she used Women's Softshell Jacket Pattern 2679 in size Y and lengthened the pattern (pieces B, C, E, F) by 2 inches just below the pocket. She lengthened the bottom part of the sleeve (piece I) by 2 inches. For Henri's jacket, she made size G as is.

I can't wait to get home tonight to see how they fit!

The fabric is a light blue-grey Power Shield 7796 that we bought from Malden Mills a few years ago. This fabric is 4-way stretch (suuuper comfortable), blocks wind, is water repellant AND very easy to sew!

I checked on Mill Direct Textiles' website and they don't seem to have any in stock, but some stores seem to carry it:

Peak Fabrics
Seattle Fabrics

If you plan on buying online, please make sure the fabric stretches. Some Power Shield styles do not stretch and you definitely need some …

New Link for the Gaposis Fix

I recently changed my username on Picasa, so the link posted on the Pattern Review boards doesn't work anymore. For those of you who were looking for the photos, here is the new link:

For those who have never seen them, we show how to fix the gap at center back on the 2908 Jeans patterns for a perfect fit.

Happy sewing!

Henri is Growing up Too Fast!

I haven't started sewing the jacket... And am having second thought about the size I should use...

After trying this size F pullover (made last year), I think I will have to make the jacket in size G if I want the jacket to be big enough to last more than a week... Since I'm using sweatshirt fleece, it won't stretch that much and since Henri hates tight sleeves (don't ask... he doesn't mind tight pj's, t-shirts or bathing suits though... only tight sleeves!).

Here is a picture of my not-so-little man wearing the 2911 pullover (view A with shawl collar) made with Malden Mills' Power Stretch in size F. As you can see... The fit is pretty good, but it will be too small in about a month!

Back to cutting!

Mini Jacket for Henri

I have printed out (yes, I know I'm lucky - no need to trace!) pieces to make a 2795 jacket for little Henri who needs something warmer for this weird fall-like weather. Because I don't have much time to work on this project, I plan on skipping the hood and pockets (I don't think he'll notice) ... so it should be quick and easy.

Since Henri is pretty big, I can already use any pattern in size F (which is about a size 2 Toddler in RTW). No need to draft/alter baby patterns anymore :)

I plan to use the gorgeous green sweatshirt fleece I bought in Portland (PR Weekend 2009). Now I have to decide on the zipper color... Same green, darker green, brigther green, white... Any suggestions?

And the Winner Is...

Melissa B in WA wrote Jalie reviews #698, 699 AND 700 on! Congratulations Melissa! You win a free pattern to add to your Jalie stash :)

Here is a link to her review of scoopneck pattern 2806

New Site Up & Running

Even though all pages have not been populated yet, our online catalog and cart are now fully functional. Here are some fun features available on the new and improved
Billing currency (CAN$, US$ or Euro) choice in the upper right cornerAccess to your order status at any time by clicking the "Order Status" link in the upper right corner. This feature is not available if you do not register at checkout though
Search tool (using keywords or pattern number) to quickly find what you are looking for
More categories and sub-categories that allow to easily browse our pattern selectionAdditional views (and customer creations) on each product detail pageLarger images (coming soon) and zoom in for pattern coversDo not hesitate to leave us a note (in the Contact Us section) if you notice any glitches or bugs on the new website. We really appreciate visitors' input!

With the new site taking most of my time, I didn't notice that we will soon hit the 700 review mark on Patter…

Extreme Makeover - Website Edition

We will be launching our new website in a few days. New look, new platform, billing in three currencies (instead of CAN$ only), search, order tracking... This is so exciting (and a bit stressful to be very honest)!

Since we want to make sure everything runs smoothly when it is live, we will do extra testing and therefore will be down for a few days.

But don't worry! We will work as fast as we can so that you can browse our new online catalog ASAP :)

Customers Never Cease to Impress Me!

I was reading Jalie reviews this morning and was flabbergasted when I saw this beautiful nursing top Morzel made with pattern 2804. How clever! She lowered the empire waist and modified the modesty panel... Voilà!

I did wear the empire crossover top during my pregnancy but it never crossed my mind that it could work well as a nursing top. To be honest, I was too lazy to attempt an alteration...

Thank you Morzel for this very helpful review! I'm sure that many mothers-to-be will be very inspired by your beautiful top!

Birthday Time & Summer Schedule

Henri is already a year old... Time flies by... Soon enough he'll be the official Jalie blogger :)

Even though it's hard to believe with the pretty bad weather we've had so far, IT IS summer and we are planning to take a few days off to get ready for the fall season.

So... Our office will be closed July 17 thru July 31st. If you need to order some patterns during that period, you can purchase from one of our retailers. All orders received while we are closed will be processed in the same order they were submitted.

A picture of my big boy
(with his crazy blond curls)
and me (with my stiff neck and lovely scar-to-be)

Temporarily Out of Order

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I might not be as quick as usual answering emails. I had half of my thyroid removed last Friday (yuck!) and I won't spend much time in the office in the upcoming days.

The orders will still ship within 1-2 business days as usual. Please note that Wednesday is Canada Day, so pretty much everything is closed here, including Canada Post and Jalie :)

The surgery was a success and I should be 100% back on my feet in no time. I'm just taking it easy for a week or so, "enjoying" our rainy weather... and watching out when carrying Henri (who now runs by the way!). I'm just afraid he might hit the stitches by accident and make the scar all crooked!

The new website should go live in a few weeks (the whole design is done and we are now populating the database - which is taking for-e-ver). I hope you will like it :)


One whole month without a single post...

May has been pretty busy but since most of it was brainstorming/prototyping, I can't write much about it :)

The highlight of the month was - hands down - meeting Pattern Review members in Portland for PR Weekend 2009. It was a real treat to meet with some Jalie fans (Melissa brought 17 Jalie pieces in her luggage!!!) and I met incredibly creative and talented people during those three days or fabric shopping / conference and sewing chit chat.

It was my first trip since Henri was born and I thought it would be hard to be away from him for 4 days... but I the weekend just flew by and I only realized I really missed him when I was about to sing a lullaby to the toddler being me on the plane who cried during the whole flight from Chicago to Quebec City (Yes - we do have an airport in Quebec City!!!), driving pretty much everyone on board crazy (except me of course!)...

Being the world's absolute worst procratinator, my Portland pictures are …

New Video!

We just posted a video showing how to make All-in-One / Pocket cloth diapers using pattern #2907. Since it was over 10 minutes, we had to split it in two parts:

Sewing Pattern 2907 (Cloth Diaper) - Video Instructions - Part 1
Sewing Pattern 2907 (Cloth Diaper) - Video Instructions - Part 2

I'm quite happy with the image quality (click HD to see a crisp image) but iMovie gave me a hard time and there are a few glitches with the sound in Part 1... After hours (days) trying to fix it, I decided to upload it even though it's not peeeeeerfect because I can't keep everyone waiting forever... Thanks for your understanding :)

Next up: How to make jeans using pattern 2908... Stay tuned!

Getting Ready for Portland

Spring and my upcoming trip to Portland gave me the motivation to make new jeans and new tops in my new *sigh* post-baby size... At the same time, we filmed new material for the upcoming videos.

For those who didn't know, I will be attending PR (Pattern Review) weekend in Portland (May 15-May 17). My first trip without Henri!

I will have surprises for PR members attending the event, including one for the top Jalie reviewer and another for the person who has the most Jalie clothes in her luggage for the weekend.

I'm really looking forward to meeting with PR members, visiting some Jalie retailers in Portland and going on a fabric hunt.

After the new collection rush, sewing sprint and video shoots, we are now back in full-creation-mode, working on the first prototypes for the next collection... I love my job :)

599 reviews...

Who will write the 600th Jalie review and win a free pattern? :)

Jeans Alteration

I've been trying to keep track of the Jeans Sew Along posts on Pattern Review, but with 31 pages of posts and many threads going on at the same time, I'm having a hard time figuring out who did what with which pattern and who needs what kind of information.

I did read a post about gaping issues at center back with pattern 2908. I posted a reply that contains a link to pictures I took of my Gaposis Fix.

I decided to put the link here too since some of you probably don't know about the Jeane Sew Along but still would like to see how to do a quick alteration for this fairly common fitting issue.

2908 - Stretch Jeans Pattern

Our new Women's Stretch Jeans Pattern includes BOTH low and regular rise. The jeans has a back yoke, patch back pockets, flared leg and is designed for stretch woven fabric. Many of you might wonder if this pattern would work with regular denim. I'm not a big fan of non-stretch jeans and have not tried the pattern with regular denim. Since there is negative ease on the pattern, you would have to go a few sizes up for sure, but I don't know how much alteration would be involved.

The low rise is 2-3 inches below the navel (in adult sizes) and regular rise is at the navel. The difference between low and regular rise is barely noticeable for little girls because we don't think low-rise jeans are appropriate for kids.

The waistband is cut on the bias. This is great because it adds a little more stretch and is more comfortable. If you are running short on fabric, you can cut it across or along the straight grain.

This pattern is very close fitting through the hips…

2907 - Cloth Diaper Pattern

Our cloth diaper pattern includes 2 diaper styles and 1 diaper cover pattern in 8 sizes (from preemie to toddler)

My absolute favorites! We tried hundreds of different diapers in the last 8 months and I found that having a waterproof diaper not only looked better, but it is as simple to use as a disposable diaper. Those types of diapers is even accepted in daycare!

The pattern is the same for both styles. The only difference is that the soaker layers are sewn to the inner fabric for the all-in-one diaper. There is an opening in the back to insert a soaker pad (pocket diaper) or turn the diaper inside out (all-in-one diaper) to reduce drying time.

Both feature hook-and-loop closures and laudry tabs.

Now for the pros and cons... Pocket = "Ikea" diaper :) You need to insert the soaker pads into the pocket before and remove it from the pocket before washing the diaper.

All-In-One... Always ready to use, but most all-in-ones take forever to dry because t…

Here They Are...

The new patterns are now available for pre-order and will ship on March 24th. I will post more details about each pattern over the next few days. If you have any questions about the patterns, please leave a comment and I'll make sure to answer it in the posts.

Have a great weekend!

584 Reviews and Counting...

I checked today and there are already 584 Jalie reviews on Pattern Review! I really want to thank all of you who take the time to sit in front of a computer (after hours cutting and sewing) to share your passion with the world.

I'm proud to annouce that the person who writes the 600th Jalie review on will win a free Jalie pattern. With the upcoming collection being launched very shortly, you could get a new pattern for free!

Now I have to start thinking about a cool idea for review #1000... Any suggestions? :)

And the Winner Is...

Since we had a few anonymous comments in the list, I decided to print out the names of all the people who entered the contest and have Henri eat pick the name of the lucky winner.

Congratulations to Kelly who won a copy of pattern 2007. Kelly: Please email your address to mail (at) so we can ship the pattern to you. Thanks!

Good news! The new patterns are being folded this week and we have almost completed the photo shoots. The new collection should be available soon!

Win a free Tunic + Pants pattern!

One of our 2009 projects is a complete makeover of our website. Right after the collection is ready, we will start brainstorming on what we want the new to look like. I thought I might ask you guys for your input to help the future design team come up with a new online store that truly reflects the Jalie spirit.

I would like each of you to come up with 2-3 words that best describe our our company. Simply post your words in the comments (with your name of course!) for a chance to win a free copy of out of print pattern 2007.

I was keeping this pattern in case I lost the cut pattern I have, but changed my mind :) The pattern (that can be used for skating) includes the tunic (very short dress) and stretch pull-on pants. I wore my slinky version (that I've had for 8 years now) up to week 30 or so of my pregnancy.

We will pick the winner (with a random number generator) on March 1st. Good luck everyone!


We're having such a cold winter that we recently had to make a new hat for baby Henri with some fabric scraps that luckily match his snow suit color :) Ripstop nylon outer, organic bamboo velours lining (Henri's sensitive skin reacts to synthetic fabrics like polar fleece) and some recycled fur (from my mom's old coat) for the flaps. He didn't like having all that hairy stuff around his face at first, but he's slowly getting used to it.

Today's forecast is a high of -27 C / - 37 with the wind, which is about -11 F / -35 F!!! We are used to cold weather in Quebec, but 4 days of this is pretty unusual. I wish we had offices in Hawaii or Australia :)

New Jalie Retailer in Toronto

Good news for all Jalie fans in T.O.! You can now purchase your Jalie sewing patterns at The Workroom, Toronto's first sew & craft by the hour space, located on Queen St. West.

You can visit the owner's inspiring blog at

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