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PDF Downloads + Trip Down Memory Lane

Good news! You can now find pattern instructions, backs of patterns and pattern coversall in one place!

All the files we have are there (including instructions for some out of print patterns). I also left images of oooold patterns in the folder just to show what our patterns used to look like 20 years. That's me wearing a yellow snow suit and a grey hat on the pattern cover (circa 1985) :)

Super Henri!

Henri is proudly wearing his first Halloween costume!

Here are all the items:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I slightly modified pattern 2318 for the Bathat and made Batsocks using pattern 2448.

Then, I made a Batdiaper (pocket diaper without the inserts) with the upcoming diaper. Henri wears it over Battights made of swimsuit lining fabric. I did not use any pattern for the shirt and tights (Henri's grandmother can actually cut such basic items without any measurements - Lucky me!).

Finally, I used fusible interfacing to apply the batman logo cutouts to the garments.

I don't know if Henri felt like a superhero with his costume, but he rolled over, from his tummy to his back, for the first time during the photo shoot!!!

Baby Fleece Slippers

I put the Halloween costume project on hold and decided to use pattern 2318 (since it was already open) to make a last-minute gift for a friend of mine who just had a baby. I made little fleece slippers in the smallest size (which is already wayyy too small for 3-month old Henri!). I'm quite happy with the result!

Halloween Costume

Henri is still too young for trick-or-treating, but I thought I could make him a little costume just for the fun of it... I don't want to make anything complicated and don't have much time, so here's my plan: a baby batman "costume"! Well... by costume I mean Batman diaper and hat :)

I bought some Batman PUL (laminate fabric we use to make diapers) from Kids in the Garden a few weeks ago that I could use to make a batman diaper.

For the hat, I will try making something cute using pattern 2318 since it includes baby sizes. I will modify the hat on the right to make it pointy in the middle... I hope it will work!

Teeny Tiny Thermal Socks

It's getting chilly in Quebec... Henri is keeping his feet (and cute chubby legs) warm with his new Power Stretch socks (pattern 2448).

The pattern runs from size 0 to women's shoe size 12. A great way to use stretch fleece scraps :)

You can see how easy it is to make these on YouTube