Jalie 101: The Back of a Jalie Pattern

Before you open any printed pattern, most people first turn the envelope over to look at the back of the envelope, right after looking at the cover photo. If you purchased a downloadable (PDF) pattern, you will find that information in the Instruction package.

When looking at a the back of a Jalie patterm for the first time, you might be a bit overwhelmed for various reasons:
French and English coexist on the same page (and English is not listed first)Both metric and imperial units are used (for measurements and yardage)There is usually over 20 sizes on the pattern (up to 28 sizes in one pattern!) Don't worry, you'll get used to it :)

Let's break it down together:

A: Pattern General Information You will always find the pattern number, name and description at the top. At the bottom, you will always see the pattern pieces, line drawing showing the views included.
B: Body Measurements We work very hard to have good fitting garments that fit true to the Jalie size. The Jalie size

Jalie 101: What's in a Jalie Pattern

Many people wonder how Jalie is different from other patterns they have tried. We thought it would be a good idea to sum it all up in a few blog posts. It will also give you useful info about patterns, things you perhaps never noticed before ;)
Format 99% of our sewing patterns are initially released in paper (printed) format and then converted in PDF (a digital format that works on Mac and PC) in house, for those who prefer printing at home (or copy shop). We make exceptions for design ideas that would not fit on the standard 38x50 sheet (like our circle skirt pattern or the Galaxie bags pattern)

Whenever a printed sewing pattern is discontinued to make more room in the warehouse, the PDF pattern stays to keep the pattern available to people who might have missed it during the 8-10 year period where it was available in print.

You are getting the exact same product whether you buy a paper or PDF pattern, but the information that comes with the pattern pieces is simply packaged a bit …

Much More than 14 New Patterns!

As you probably know, we recently launched 14 new patterns. We are really proud of the new designs and how we were able to cover so many options (knits, woven, women, men, sportswear) all in one collection!

There is indeed a little something for everyone: women's tops (Bobbie, Rose, Adèle and Mimosa), men's underwear (Gérald) and hoodie (Frédéric), a dance leotard (Joëlle), a skating dress (Tessa), a swimsuit (Diane), a scrub top (Éliane), women's underwear (Julia), kimono (Mélanie), skirts (Lisette) and new leggings (Clara), a special design without center front seam!

Big Move! When we decided to go with 14 new patterns and could not discontinue 14 all at once, it became obvious that we needed more room for the warehouse. We started looking for storage room and found a wonderful space, not far from the family house where Jalie had been growing since 1983.

This meant not only we had to finalize a giant collection, but we also had to pack and move nearly a thousand cases an…

Quick Sewing Ideas for Busy Elves

Only 10 days before Christmas, you are busy and running out of time or ideas? Don't worry, we are here to help! We put together a list of 10 sewing project ideas for unique gifts. Avoid the crowds, put on some music and spend quality time in your sewing room rather than running in a shopping mall. Hostess gift, teacher gift, stocking stuffers, last-minute party outfit items... we got you covered.

1- Cocoon Cardigan

For you (yes, you deserve it too!), your mom, godmother or a friend. A quick project that requires minimal adjustments and that has that wow effect!

2- Thermal Socks

To keep small and big feet warm during winter. Made with Polartec Power Stretch or in a french terry (if it has 40% stretch BOTH ways), it will be a success!

3 et 9- Slippers and Aviator Hat 

The 2318 pattern is a classic. It includes mitts, tuque, aviator hat and slippers! It is one of the rare Jalie patterns that starts in newborn sizes. All the items in the pattern can be made with polar fleece and are …