Racerback COCO Sports Bra // Step-by-step Tutorial

Earlier this summer, we showed you how to make the COCO sports bra with a crossover back. Today, we are showing you how to sew the racerback view.  The COCO pattern is  available on our website , in printed (paper) format, but also in PDF format, which includes print-at-home, copy shop (A0) and projector files. You can also buy the paper patterns from one of our  resellers . The first ten steps of construction for both views are the same. This post will cover the straps, armholes, and back. These extra photos and explanations should help you with some steps that were a bit tricky to illustrate. For the steps common to both views, please read to the first COCO post . STRAPS AND NECK OPENING After you have completed the front assembly, in both main fabric and lining, you are ready to attach the strap to both pieces. Pin the outer fabric strap to the outer fabric front. Stitch and press the seam allowances towards the center. Repeat for the lining, but press the seam allowances OUTWARDS: 

Color-Blocked CLARA Leggings // Pattern Hack

As soon as we posted the first photos of our COCO sports bra , people started asking what that new leggings pattern was. The jade/blush/black color combo was achieved with a rather simple hack of our popular CLARA leggings pattern . In this post, we will show you how to create the new pattern pieces and sew the leggings, step by step.   PREPPING THE PATTERN On piece A, trace a line, parallel to the "cut here View A" line, about 2.5 cm (1'') above it. Make sure you transfer the notch (triangle) onto the new sewing line (this notch indicated the side of the leggings).  On piece B, trace a line 2.5 cm (1'') from bottom edge, transferring the notch. Cut on the lines and put the cutouts aside. You will not need them for this project: Starting about halfway between the side notch and center front, draw an angled line that reaches the center back edge (about halfway between the top edge and double notch). You can freestyle this one

COCO Sports Bra // Step-by-step Tutorial

The COCO sports bra pattern stole the show when we launched our collection in May. We wrote this tutorial to walk you through the construction steps of this quite unique pattern. You will be able to see what makes the COCO so great: its pieces/seaming, clean finish inside and out, and the option for removable cups. The pattern is available on  our website , in both paper and digital/PDF formats (the PDF includes print-at-home, copy shop, and projector versions). You can also purchase it from your favorite  reseller . PATTERN PIECES This tutorial shows how to make the X-back style (view A). The wide straps do not dig into the shoulder and stay in place when you move because they cross in the back. The racerback style that is also included in the pattern also has a clean finish inside and out. It provides more support / feels tighter since there is no opening in the back. The COCO bra is a real scrap buster! If you have remnants from sewing other activewear like leggings,