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Julia Bralette Hack

For the cover of our latest Clara leggings pattern , we wanted a cute sport bra to go with it. We hacked our  Julia bralette pattern  into a low impact bra with exposed elastic band and hook-and-eye closure in the back. We changed a few things but kept the modern design with curved V neckline and delicate racerback finished with foldover elastic, with adjustable straps. HOW TO REMOVE THE DART On piece C, you will find a small, rounded dart in sizes P and up. To remove it: Using a ruler, trace a line from the tip of the dart to the tip of the piece Cut on the line, keeping a tiny bit of paper at the tip as a hinge Close the dart by bringing its corners together and tape Redraw the bottom edge of the piece Remove excess paper. You have your new front piece! Removing the dart this way will remove some fabric overall. This means more compression, which is what you need in a sport bra(lette).  PREPARING THE ELASTIC Soft, wide elastic ba