Much More than 14 New Patterns!

As you probably know, we recently launched 14 new patterns. We are really proud of the new designs and how we were able to cover so many options (knits, woven, women, men, sportswear) all in one collection!

There is indeed a little something for everyone: women's tops (Bobbie, Rose, Adèle and Mimosa), men's underwear (Gérald) and hoodie (Frédéric), a dance leotard (Joëlle), a skating dress (Tessa), a swimsuit (Diane), a scrub top (Éliane), women's underwear (Julia), kimono (Mélanie), skirts (Lisette) and new leggings (Clara), a special design without center front seam!

Big Move!

When we decided to go with 14 new patterns and could not discontinue 14 all at once, it became obvious that we needed more room for the warehouse. We started looking for storage room and found a wonderful space, not far from the family house where Jalie had been growing since 1983.

This meant not only we had to finalize a giant collection, but we also had to pack and move nearly a thousand cases and hundreds of meters of fabric, all in the ridiculously short amount of time.

Family and friends helped with the move and before we knew it, we were set up in time for the photo shoots! The new warehouse layout and improvement in our workflow allowed us to ship the tsunami of orders when the collection launched. A record number of package made their way to customers around the world within our usual ONE BUSINESS DAY!

The new sewing studio, with big windows and tons of natural light is almost ready. We can't wait to start working on new designs in that new room and share more photos with you on social media!

On top of designing new patterns, we always try to innovate, improve and come up with things to make your sewing experience better. Here are some of the little things we implemented recently:

Save with our New BUNDLE Option!

We added the feature when we revamped the website a while ago because we wanted to make sure everything would work without a glitch for the big launch.

With the new bundle, you get both PAPER (mailed to you) and PDF (instant download) for much less than it would cost to buy the two versions separately! This is a great way to try the PDF format for the first time or reach the free-shipping threshold with fewer patterns.

With the bundle, you get the best of both worlds:
  • While waiting for the paper pattern, you can start your sewing project right away 
  • If something happens to your paper pattern, you have a PDF "backup" forever! 
  • You can store your PDF printouts / piece in the pattern pouch 
  • You reach the free shipping threshold with fewer patterns 
  • You have a paper version that will last forever (in case you move to a remote area without computers or wi-fi access :)) 

Extended Size Range!

5 of the new patterns (Bobbie, Rose, Julia, Adèle and Mimosa) include 28 sizes (one more size than our usual 27-size range). The 28-size chart has one more size: GG!

We also extended our sizing to CC (instead of AA) for the Tessa skating dress and to FF for the Joëlle leotard pattern.

A New, Helpful Icon

If you are used a Jalie pattern before, you know that we sometimes break down graded pieces in little group to make tracing easier. Since it's quite an unusual feature, some people were worried when they could not find their size in the first group they saw on the pattern.

Example of the icon on piece E, which is split into two stacks on the pattern
In the PDF patterns, it would also mean that some piece labels would appear without any line around it, like this:

On the new patterns, whenever a piece is split into different stacks, we added this icon to indicate you should look for other stacks of sizes.

Better Printing Guide (on our PDF patterns)

You are making a tiny size and don't want to waste paper? We got you covered!

When opening your new pattern (tiled, print-at-home format) in Acrobat Reader, you will notice the usual tile diagram. In the layers panel, disable the sizes you do not need to keep only the size you want to sew. The unused sizes will disappear from the diagram, leaving only the exact location of the pieces in your size.

Here a little video to show you how easy it is:

All you need to do is write the pages numbers you need in the printing dialog window. In this example of a Mimosa in size F, you would write: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20. You save 9 pages (that would normally be empty, with the header and footer)! Wonderful, isn't it?

For more information on how to print and assemble our PDF patterns, please visit our website: How to Print and Assemble a PDF Pattern.

Share Your Makes

You love the garment you made and would like to share photos with the world but wonder which hashtag to use for people to find you post? From now on, you will find this box on every pattern. It includes all the information you need to find or share photos on social media:

Here are direct links, in case you are curious to see what Jalie fans are up to:

Facebook groups

Ask questions, share photos. Anything Jalie-related. Informal, informative, no drama. Only people who know Jalie or who are interesting in knowing more about our pattern before tackling their first project.

Where we post exclusive photos, sneak peeks, behind the scene shots. We promise to work on our Instagram feed in the year to come!

Step-by-step video tutorials for specific patterns

Follow our boards to see inspiration photos and links to interesting sewing tips and tricks

Facebook Page
Where we post official announcements and where we tell you about new blog posts or important information.

Creations Page
The quickest and easiest way to share your photos with Jalie fans! We pick a random photo each month for a $25 gift card prize. Don't be shy, show us what you have made with your favorite Jalie patterns :)


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