4 Things to Know about Shipping

Your favorite retailer does not have the patterns you want on hand? You can order directly from us. We ship worldwide via Letter Mail (postal service) and Parcel services (Canada Post and UPS).

1 - Always enter your complete address

If you enter only a partial address, you will not see all options available and the quote might be incorrect.

Click anywhere on the page after entering the postal code to trigger a refresh of your shipping options

It is important that you enter not only the country, but also the state/province AND postal code in order for the shipping options to refresh.

2 - Use gift cards to get free or discounted shipping

We offer FREE SHIPPING on Canada / US orders $70 or more (international orders get a $20 discount). The thing is... you don't necessarily need 6 paper or PDF patterns that day.

To get to the $70 total, you can also use gift cards from you to you!

THREE PATTERNS ($39) + $40 GIFT CARD (to yourself) = ENOUGH FOR THE SHIPPING PROMO!  (you save $14.51 - not bad!)

If you always buy a gift card for the amount you need to reach a total of $70 you will never pay for shipping again! The gift cards are yours and never expire. Yes, buying a gift card means you "pre-pay" your future orders, but for many people, it is much better than paying for shipping :)

(By the way, this little trick may work on other websites too...)

3 - Choose the best shipping option for you

Here is a break down of the most popular options. Some are faster, some are cheaper...

Canada Post

Pros: Tracking, guaranteed delivery time, usually a bit faster than regular mail
Cons: More expensive than letter mail

AIR MAIL (US and International)
Pros: Reasonable price, 5-10 business days to all major cities, no customs
Cons: For 1-3 patterns only (500g max), no tracking

SMALL-PACKET (AIR) (US and International)
Pros: Usually the cheapest option, up to 2kg (8-14 patterns), 5-10 business days to all major cities
Cons: No tracking, no insurance (because no delivery confirmation), goes through customs (service fees may apply to collect VAT)

Pros: Usually the cheapest option, up to 2kg (8-14 patterns), 5-10 business days to all major cities, tracking, insurance
Cons: More expensive, goes through customs (service fees may apply to collect VAT)

XPRESSPOST (USA and International)
Pros: As fast as UPS, tracking, insurance, processing fees at customs may be less than UPS in some countries, no brokerage fees for US shipments
Cons: More expensive than UPS, still goes through customs (service fees may apply to collect VAT)

UPS (Canada)
Pros: As fast as Canada Post, more reliable in some areas. Next-day delivery available for some major cities.
Cons: More expensive than Canada Post in remote areas

UPS Standard (USA)
Pros: Usually a bit faster and cheaper than Canada Post / USPS
Cons: Brokerage fees on orders valued at $200 or more

UPS 3-day Select, Expedited, Saver, Express (USA)
Pros: Suuuuper fast, brokerage fees included, no surprises at delivery
Cons: More expensive

UPS Worldwide Expedited, Saver, Express (International)
Pros: Quick and reliable
Cons: Ships to less countries than Canada Post, fees will be charged upon delivery (check with UPS in your country to know exactly what they will charge you for brokerage and for paying the VAT on your behalf to clear customs)

4 - Avoid / minimize fees at delivery


UPS may charge brokerage fees and/or disbursement fees that can quickly add up to almost the full value of your pattern order! Before choosing UPS as your shipping option, we strongly recommend you check with them first to see if there is any way to avoid at least the disbursement fee.

In some countries, the postal service is the cheaper option overall. We never found all the import information for all countries gathered in one place, so Google, your local UPS office and postal service in your country is the best way to go to get that information.

We know that in France and Germany, the UPS fees are around 30 Euros for brokerage and disbursement. You know about the fees in your country? Please comment below. The more information everyone has, the better!


We charge GST only to orders shipping to Canada and QST (Quebec Sales Tax) to orders shipping to Quebec.

Depending on the value of your shipment, you may have to pay local taxes upon delivery (VAT in Europe for example). Some countries waive taxes on imports of smaller value, some others don't.

Sewing patterns are usually not subject to duty.

Please comment this post to share any information / experience about delivery by UPS or postal service in your country!


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