How to Download your Jalie PDF Patterns

You purchased a PDF pattern on the Jalie website and are not sure how to download and print it? This blog post if for you!


All roads lead to Rome! Here are three easy ways to get to your PDF patterns:

1 - Immediately after you submit your order

Click the link in the confirmation message to go directly to the Download Page

Oops! You hit back, closed the window? The link is no longer there? No worries you can still download your patterns:

2 - Through your Jalie account

Click "My Downloadable Pattern" under the "My Account" tab or the link at the very bottom of the page to see the list of PDF Patterns linked to your account.
Drop-Down Menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.
If you are logged out, you will need to log in to see it.

Links in the footer section, on all pages of our website. Visible at all times (logged in or not)

3 - Through your email confirmation

In your order confirmation (you receive the email within seconds after placing your order), you will see the pattern you purchased with a link next to the file name (in blue). Those links will take you to the download page.

You may have to enter your login information if you have not been on the Jalie website for a while. Your credentials are the email and password you used at checkout.


The My Downloadable Patterns is where you will find all PDF purchases, grouped by order and listed by date (the most recent purchases first). You can see how many downloads you have left for each file.

When you click the download button, the PDF will open in your browser. Once it is open, you can save the file locally to print with Acrobat Reader.

Once the PDF pattern is saved to your computer, you can print it as many times as you need to. We strongly recommend you do not print from your browser and it sometimes affect quality and scale.

The buttons may be slightly different on your computer / browser. You might have to go to the File menu to save the PDF

Choose a location you will easily find afterwards. Go to that folder, open the PDF with Acrobat Reader and then you are ready to print and assemble your PDF pattern.

You can also save the PDF without opening it in your browser (useful for larger files like our cycling apparel pattern or men's pants pattern that are scans or the original patterns):

  1. Right-click on the download button
  2. Select "save target as..." or "save linked file as..."
  3. Choose location and save 

Quick and easy way to save the patterns to your computer.
After saving, locate the files, open and print as many times as needed.


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