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It has been a few years since we had a "real" sporty swimsuit. I am not a big fan of one-piece swimsuits, but would always ending picking this one when going to the pool with the kids (I think it is more practical than my usual bikini...). As opposed to many one-piece suits out there, this one gave the illusion of feminine curves rather than just the flat, square, look.

3134 is a racerback swimsuit with lined front and a flattering contrast inset.

On this one, we added a white piping effect using a narrow strip of lycra that we sewed with a zigzag stitch. When stretching the strip of fabric, it rolls under and flattens as you sew.

Here is an all-black version:

We were happy to have a mother-daughter pattern cover that shows the range of sizes: The pattern includes all sizes from toddler to plus sizes.

Next preview: 3129, another pattern for woven fabrics...


Helen K said…
That is really cute in adult and kid size! Does it include various leg coverage options or is that something that is up to the individual?
Looks like you have a winner here.
sewingsue said…
I really love that suit and look forward to looking at the new patterns every day! Sue Anfang
Emilie@Jalie said…
Helen - There is no leg coverage option, but the shape of the leg opening is not the same for all sizes. We adapt it so it is appropriate for everyone. For example, for the larger sizes there is more coverage at the leg and at armholes to make sure everything is flattering. There will be a photo of a woman wearing FF size (50" bust, 53" hips) the pattern detail page when the collection is available for pre-order on our website.
Kristin said…
This is so awesome! I've been wanting a sporty racer-back swimsuit pattern for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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