Sneak Peeks... 3 of 10

Since I did not have time to post previews during the weekend, I'll show you two new patterns today :)

First up, sewing pattern 3135, a costume-making basic that will make many skating club seamstresses happy :)

3135 is a basic zip-front skin suit pattern with collar and hood options. It's gusseted crotch is very comfortable.

With long sleeves and legs, it can be used as a base for many costumes (Avatar, Catwoman, Blue Man Group, base for any superhero in tights...). If you need to make a feline costume, check out Spandex World's animal print velvets - #4880, 1955 and 8319 - we ordered a few yards for prototypes and they all have a great 4-way stretch and recovery! Even though it is listed as a women's pattern, it can easily be lengthen to fit a boy's longer torso and legs.

Make it with short sleeves and legs, you get yourself a short wetsuit. Perfect for protecting kids from the sun and an interesting alternative for parents looking for a modest swimsuit option.

Next preview: a garment that I had a chance to test a lot in the last 11 months :)


Dawn said…
This would have been perfect for my avatar costume last year!!!!!
Emilie@Jalie said…
I know! But it's not too late for Avatar Twins :)

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