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In the current issue of SewNews (June/July 2010), there is an article about swimwear and three of our patterns are shown in the Swimwear Showcase (One-Piece Swimsuit (2317)Tankini (2447) and Board Shorts (2678) (our Board Shorts pattern 2578 being the only men's pattern in the bunch!). It is always quite an honor to see our pattern covers in such popular magazines!

The article is quite interesting. It describes how to make a bathing suit (not a Jalie pattern though) and adapt a pattern to include bra cups for additional bust support. Many people are afraid to tackle swimwear project, but with all the beautiful fabrics available out there (and the sometimes ridiculously high price of RTW swimwear), I really think that everyone should try to make a swimsuit/bikini/tankini at least once!

For those coming to PR Weekend in Montreal, just ask me and I will tell you where to find fun (and affordable) swimwear material on fabric shopping day (we will be on beautiful-lycra hunt too for an upcoming photo shoot (hint, hint!)).


Congratulations! So nice to see you featured in a well known magazine :) I'm sure it is thrilling to read!
Marie said…
I will have to make sure to get the SewNews with your article in it! Also I love your hint for lycra fabric shopping! Yay! More new patterns! :)
Emilie@Jalie said…
I just want to point out that we did not write the article. It was written by Laura Keith (and it is about one of her designs). Our patterns are just listed in the Swimwear Showcase as sewing ideas for the summer.
Marie said…
OOOPs sorry! I got too excited with my wishful thinking!
Kathi said…
Any new Jalie top or pants patterns coming??

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