All our Sewing Patterns on the Same Page

This is a minor addition to our online catalog, but some of you might find it useful. We added a category called Sewing Patterns by Jalie that displays all our current patterns on the same page (no need to browse around to look at all our patterns).

On that page, you can filter the results to view our latest collection or patterns that will soon be discontinued (i.e. sewing patterns available in very limited quantities that will not be reprinted). These new catalog sections are listed at the bottom on the left-hand side of our website.


Debra Martin said…
LOVE it!!
Thanks :)
Deb M.
Sew4Fun said…
Thanks so much for this Emilie. You must have read my mind :) because only the other day I was secretly wishing for this feature. This is will be very useful.
Keely said…
Tank you! So much easier this way.
Keely said…
Ooops. That was supposed to be thank you.
Elona said…
Emilie, move 'em out!, as we say. Fast.

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