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Last-Minute Costume

We are so busy working on the upcoming collection that I totally lost track of time and thought for some reason that I still had plenty of time to come up with a clever costume idea for Henri... On my way back from work on Thursday, I suddenly remembered that Friday was supposed to be early-Halloween at daycare... Grandma came to the rescue (once again!). I checked my costume stash and found a tattoo sleeved I had bought a while back and thought "Hey! That would work!". In fact, I saw the rocking tattoo tee on Stacy's blog and since Henri and Easton look alike, I was hoping he would look as cool as his US twin :) It's a good thing that we will have a new Men's t-shirt (including a double-sleeve version) in the new collection - we had the pattern to make the t-shirt. We used the tattoo sleeve for one arm and sheer fabric (that we use for skating dresses) for the other. The sleeves were a bit long (which is not a big deal for a normal tee, but it looks a bit odd