Mini Jacket for Henri

I have printed out (yes, I know I'm lucky - no need to trace!) pieces to make a 2795 jacket for little Henri who needs something warmer for this weird fall-like weather. Because I don't have much time to work on this project, I plan on skipping the hood and pockets (I don't think he'll notice) ... so it should be quick and easy.

Since Henri is pretty big, I can already use any pattern in size F (which is about a size 2 Toddler in RTW). No need to draft/alter baby patterns anymore :)

I plan to use the gorgeous green sweatshirt fleece I bought in Portland (PR Weekend 2009). Now I have to decide on the zipper color... Same green, darker green, brigther green, white... Any suggestions?


I always liked green and bright yellow in baby boys clothes or green and red :)
Dawn said…
I love the contrast of something completely different. I would do orange or yellow. My girls have green coats with pink and purple zippers.
Melissa said…
I know the exact sweatshirt fleece you're referring to because I was with you when you bought it. :-) (BTW, they still have it because I saw it over the weekend and thought of you). I think bright yellow or orange. I just made another hoodie in red and adore it. That is such a wonderful pattern. Please pass my compliments on to your mom too.
stacy said…
You know what, I never even thought of this pattern size for Easton! I'm going to measure him and see if I can't make him a hoodie too - I have some fantastic fleece that I am dying to sew up for him!

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