Henri the Mini-Model

Here are some pictures of Henri showing off his new jackets:

The fit of the softshell jacket (2679) is pretty good, but I forgot to take into consideration that 3 year-olds usually don't wear cloth diapers like he does... So let's just say that he could have used some extra ease at the hem (that is about hip level). As I expected, sleeves are long (I can actually fold the piece I to the inside).

Now... the 2795 jacket... First of all, I have a confession to make: grandma finished it (and decided to add the hood :) ). It looks great, but because I did not check the required stretch ruler on the back of the pattern and because this sweatshirt fleece does not stretch at all, it is really snug... So what we will do is probably give this one to our cute tiny red-haired neighbor (who is only 3 weeks younger than Henri but much smaller and about half his weight!) and we will make another one for Henri with more ease everywhere, but keeping the same length. It looks short on the picture, but it's only because it is too tight to go over his hips.

I don't have good picture of Frédéric wearing his softshell jacket. The fit was pretty good for him too. We only had to take in at waist level (side seams and back seams) because he's lost some weight and he prefers when his jackets are fitted at the waist. The sleeves are perfect and he loves the jacket length (even though I think we should have lengthened it by 2 1/2 or 3 inches (instead of 2) to look like exactly like the jacket on the pattern cover).

I will post pictures of the two of them together as soon as I have a decent one :)


Adorable! Thanks for the pictures.
BeccaA said…
Henri is darling! His jackets are really cute on him.

Can you explain in more detail how you alter a women's pattern to fit a man? I have 2679 and would like to use it for my husband but am uncertain about the changes needed.

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