Henri is Growing up Too Fast!

I haven't started sewing the jacket... And am having second thought about the size I should use...

After trying this size F pullover (made last year), I think I will have to make the jacket in size G if I want the jacket to be big enough to last more than a week... Since I'm using sweatshirt fleece, it won't stretch that much and since Henri hates tight sleeves (don't ask... he doesn't mind tight pj's, t-shirts or bathing suits though... only tight sleeves!).

Here is a picture of my not-so-little man wearing the 2911 pullover (view A with shawl collar) made with Malden Mills' Power Stretch in size F. As you can see... The fit is pretty good, but it will be too small in about a month!

Back to cutting!


judy said…
He is sooo cute! I think you should definitely make the bigger size! Kids grow soo fast!
Sounds like a bigger size :) He is so cute and these tops are absolutely versatile, they look great on everyone young and old :))
Melissa said…
Gosh he's getting soooo big! What a cutie pie - yep, definitely the next size up for Henri. :-)
Dawn said…
I would go two sizes up and roll up the sleeves but then, I have three muchkins. I have to make sure their clothes work for a while so I can sew for ME. That pullover pattern is a favorite of mine.

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