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Henri the Mini-Model

Here are some pictures of Henri showing off his new jackets: The fit of the softshell jacket (2679) is pretty good, but I forgot to take into consideration that 3 year-olds usually don't wear cloth diapers like he does... So let's just say that he could have used some extra ease at the hem (that is about hip level). As I expected, sleeves are long (I can actually fold the piece I to the inside). Now... the 2795 jacket... First of all, I have a confession to make: grandma finished it (and decided to add the hood :) ). It looks great, but because I did not check the required stretch ruler on the back of the pattern and because this sweatshirt fleece does not stretch at all, it is really snug... So what we will do is probably give this one to our cute tiny red-haired neighbor (who is only 3 weeks younger than Henri but much smaller and about half his weight!) and we will make another one for Henri with more ease everywhere, but keeping the same length. It looks short on the pic

Like Father, Like Son

My mom made the cutest little softshell jacket today AND a bigger one for Frédéric (my boyfriend/Henri's dad) too! Frédéric is 6'2" tall, has looong arms and 40" chest so she used Women's Softshell Jacket Pattern 2679 in size Y and lengthened the pattern (pieces B, C, E, F) by 2 inches just below the pocket. She lengthened the bottom part of the sleeve (piece I) by 2 inches. For Henri's jacket, she made size G as is. I can't wait to get home tonight to see how they fit! The fabric is a light blue-grey Power Shield 7796 that we bought from Malden Mills a few years ago. This fabric is 4-way stretch (suuuper comfortable), blocks wind, is water repellant AND very easy to sew! I checked on Mill Direct Textiles' website and they don't seem to have any in stock, but some stores seem to carry it: Peak Fabrics Seattle Fabrics If you plan on buying online, please make sure the fabric stretches. Some Power Shield styles do not stretch and you defi

New Link for the Gaposis Fix

I recently changed my username on Picasa, so the link posted on the Pattern Review boards doesn't work anymore. For those of you who were looking for the photos, here is the new link: For those who have never seen them, we show how to fix the gap at center back on the 2908 Jeans patterns for a perfect fit. Happy sewing!

Henri is Growing up Too Fast!

I haven't started sewing the jacket... And am having second thought about the size I should use... After trying this size F pullover (made last year), I think I will have to make the jacket in size G if I want the jacket to be big enough to last more than a week... Since I'm using sweatshirt fleece, it won't stretch that much and since Henri hates tight sleeves (don't ask... he doesn't mind tight pj's, t-shirts or bathing suits though... only tight sleeves!). Here is a picture of my not-so-little man wearing the 2911 pullove r (view A with shawl collar) made with Malden Mills' Power Stretch in size F. As you can see... The fit is pretty good, but it will be too small in about a month! Back to cutting!

Mini Jacket for Henri

I have printed out (yes, I know I'm lucky - no need to trace!) pieces to make a 2795 jacket for little Henri who needs something warmer for this weird fall-like weather. Because I don't have much time to work on this project, I plan on skipping the hood and pockets (I don't think he'll notice) ... so it should be quick and easy. Since Henri is pretty big, I can already use any pattern in size F (which is about a size 2 Toddler in RTW). No need to draft/alter baby patterns anymore :) I plan to use the gorgeous green sweatshirt fleece I bought in Portland (PR Weekend 2009). Now I have to decide on the zipper color... Same green, darker green, brigther green, white... Any suggestions?