New Video!

We just posted a video showing how to make All-in-One / Pocket cloth diapers using pattern #2907. Since it was over 10 minutes, we had to split it in two parts:

Sewing Pattern 2907 (Cloth Diaper) - Video Instructions - Part 1
Sewing Pattern 2907 (Cloth Diaper) - Video Instructions - Part 2

I'm quite happy with the image quality (click HD to see a crisp image) but iMovie gave me a hard time and there are a few glitches with the sound in Part 1... After hours (days) trying to fix it, I decided to upload it even though it's not peeeeeerfect because I can't keep everyone waiting forever... Thanks for your understanding :)

Next up: How to make jeans using pattern 2908... Stay tuned!


I don't need diapers anymore :) but I still watched the video. Great job!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this! I just sewed 9 diapers and I love them. I'm using wax paper to help feed the PUL through the sewing machine and it works well although it's a bit messy. Would you recommend a teflon foot or a walking foot?
Emilie@Jalie said…
Actually, to be very honest... we rarely bother switching foot for any project... To help with sticky PUL, we simply put tape (Scotch Magic Tape - the one with the matte finish) on the sticky side of the fabric.

Since the tape is slightly wider than the seam allowance, it works very well. It's also very easy to remove and is pretty cheap too :)
Anonymous said…
Loved the diaper pattern videos. Will it be possible to sew and sell from this pattern?
Nancy W. said…
Emilie - it was so fun meeting you at PR Weekend - now I will be following your blog!
Tara K. said…
I have spent hours on the web researching cloth diapers and the patterns available. I have only purchased one pattern in the last year. I have printed out all of the free patterns available and sewn at least one of each. Every once in a while I search for anything new. While on wazoodle I stumbled upon your pattern. I found the video and watched it intently, and then went back and purchased the pattern. You have seriously put a lot of thought and effort into this pattern. I Love the AIO with the capability of faster drying time. I love the design! When I started cd-ing, I used fitteds. Then I moved to prefolds. Then I learned about pockets and really liked them. Then I got an AIO. I would much rather have the AIO that I don't have to stuff and take apart, but that dries as fast as a pocket. KUDOS to those of you who created this pattern!!! Thank you!

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