Getting Ready for Portland

Spring and my upcoming trip to Portland gave me the motivation to make new jeans and new tops in my new *sigh* post-baby size... At the same time, we filmed new material for the upcoming videos.

For those who didn't know, I will be attending PR (Pattern Review) weekend in Portland (May 15-May 17). My first trip without Henri!

I will have surprises for PR members attending the event, including one for the top Jalie reviewer and another for the person who has the most Jalie clothes in her luggage for the weekend.

I'm really looking forward to meeting with PR members, visiting some Jalie retailers in Portland and going on a fabric hunt.

After the new collection rush, sewing sprint and video shoots, we are now back in full-creation-mode, working on the first prototypes for the next collection... I love my job :)


Dawn said…
Drat. I wanted to go to this but it ain't gonna happen this year! Have fun and good luck with Henri.
akimbo said…
Yay! I'll be there (I live in Portland too). Sounds like I need to actually make a Jalie pattern instead of collecting them :)

I need a time machine to get any sewing done lately!
Melissa said…
Get out!!! That is soooo awesome! I'm helping Deepika organize the event, I think it's really going to be a fun time. On your list of things to do, please convince Fabric Depot to carry your patterns. I've emailed them twice suggesting it, but never get a reply and still don't see them in the store. Looking forward to meeting you! :-)
You do have a great job.
Looking forward to the videos and new collection :)
J4 said…
Now I wish I were going to the PR weekend! Just my luck - I lived on the West Coast when the PR weekend was in Baltimore and now I live on the East Coast :)
Jennifer Fournier (JEF on PR)
Blythe said…
Hey, Emilie!!!

Looking forward to seeing the new patterns! Jalei are the ONLy patterns I really really enjoy sewing with.
I would LOVE the see a pattern for really comfy, funky hipster cargo pants. And any trendy skirt or dress patterns, maybe not always in stretch fabric (casual clothing rather than skatewear)? While I LOVE stretch sewing, here in Australia, there is a lot more variety in non-stretch (actually, maybe I should say a lot less variety in stretch fabric ha ha- not heaps to choose from here). And your patterns are so fabulous, a great non-stretch pattern for loose fitting, modern pants, a dress, and a skirt (for summer and one for winter!) would mean I would never have to use any other pattern company again!!!!!).

Have a great weekend.

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