2908 - Stretch Jeans Pattern

Our new Women's Stretch Jeans Pattern includes BOTH low and regular rise. The jeans has a back yoke, patch back pockets, flared leg and is designed for stretch woven fabric. Many of you might wonder if this pattern would work with regular denim. I'm not a big fan of non-stretch jeans and have not tried the pattern with regular denim. Since there is negative ease on the pattern, you would have to go a few sizes up for sure, but I don't know how much alteration would be involved.

The low rise is 2-3 inches below the navel (in adult sizes) and regular rise is at the navel. The difference between low and regular rise is barely noticeable for little girls because we don't think low-rise jeans are appropriate for kids.

The waistband is cut on the bias. This is great because it adds a little more stretch and is more comfortable. If you are running short on fabric, you can cut it across or along the straight grain.

This pattern is very close fitting through the hips. No bumps and lumps. Here's a picture of me (and my fuller thighs) wearing the low-rise version in size V.

Here is another picture of a lady wearing size FF. Her waist measurement corresponds to size FF, but her hips were closer to size EE. Since she wanted extra ease on the hips and thighs, we made size FF as is.

Not all stretch denims are created equal. Some have more spandex than other, some are stiffer, some have 4-way stretch. I would say that the more stretch the better. However, I try to stay away from thin / lightweight stretch denim that shows every little "post-baby-detail" :)

The fabric you see on the pattern cover is from Fabric.com just enter "stretch denim" in their search box and you will see what they have left.

This pattern works great with stretch corduroy too! They did have some on Fabric.com a while ago, but it seems to be all gone :(

For the pocket lining, we used stretch cotton poplin scraps we had in our stash, but you don't really need a stretch woven for that.

Because denim shrinks quite a bit, PRE-TREAT YOUR FABRIC AT LEAST TWICE before making your jeans (washer + dryer if you plan on putting your jeans in the dryer of course).

Thread: For the topstitching, we used the same thread we used for the construction but using a triple straight stitch that made the topstitches look "thicker" without going through all the trouble of switching threads all the time... It takes more time than a regular straight stitch, but a lot less than re-threading and it looks pretty good :) We used the serger to finish the seams edges before topstitching to prevent fraying.

Buttons and rivets: We used snaps for the little girl's pants (and glued some pink rhinstones on the snap - she loved it) but made a buttonhole (it can be quite a challenge for some machine sewing a nice straight buttonhole through the waistband) and used a "shank" button that looks more RTW for the adult's jeans (and mine :)). We did put rivets on both jeans. It looks really professional and reinforces pocket corners.

Zipper: We used coil zippers for all jeans because we had many on hand. You could also use a brass zipper for a more RTW look.

Interfacing: We used fusible knit interfacing for the waistband (interfacing cut on the bias for stretch) and fly extensions.


Melissa said…
Those are FANTASTIC jeans Emilie - I can't wait to try them!
Sew-4-Fun said…
Fabulous jeans Emilie! Thanks for the informative post, especially the bit about negative ease and cutting the waistband facing on the bias. These are two questions I had about this pattern so it was nice to read the answer. :)
Alex said…
Those jeans look great, now just to get my sewing ability up to be able to tackle them, I'm still working though some fit problems with 2561, I'll figure it out eventually I'm sure. I'm just getting distracted by other projects at the moment.
Anonymous said…
I am so excited to try this pattern. I absolutely love the jeans on you. BTW, where did you buy your denim? The material almost looks distressed in parts - did it come that way or did you do some sort of treatment.
Tracy said…

For mentioning Fabric.com on your blog, I have a special gift for you and your readers.

At your convenience, please call me at 1-888-455-2940 ext. 214 or you can email me at tracy@fabric.com.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Tracy Jackson
Affiliate/Donation Manager
Emilie@Jalie said…
Good news for our readers!

You can get 5$ off your next purchase at Fabric.com using the coupon code BLOGJALIESEWING

This coupon code will be valid from 3/18 thru 3/25 on www.fabric.com.

Happy sewing!
Ann Made Studio said…
Thank you Emilie for this great information. The fit and style of your jeans are perfect, they look fantastic on you.
The coupon from Fabric.com is
great :)
Anonymous said…
Hy Emilie
thank you for the great review.The Jeans are very nice !
Greetings from Switzerland
Alviana said…
Gorgeous jeans! U look fabulous. Great review. I definitely will try this in the future :)
Rachel said…
I want to try these jeans. I have never made any and have never made a Jalie pattern.
Unknown said…
Are the jeans in the size FF regular rise? I'm trying to decide which version I want to make. Thanks
Teresa said…
Does anyone know were I can find a pattern for boys jeans. My son does not fit into anything. I have been altering his cloths for the last 3 years. however, now to buy pants that fit his waist the inseam is to big to alter. Ive looked and looked and can't even find a pattern for boys with a zipper. Any help would be wonderful.
Its great to have this kind of info straight from the pattern-makers, thank you!

I'm looking for a jeans pattern and due to the startling number of fantastic reviews on Pattern Review am here looking at these, they look amazing on the PR sewers' photos but I did read that appear to be cut for apple/H shapes rather thank hour-glass or pear.

As someone who is was very hourglass and is now verging on post-baby pear with long legs (W26 H37 L33) I'm wondering if I am going to have a hard time with the dreaded "gapiosis" problem on these? (As I do with almost every pair of RTW, the only ones that did fit well were Long & Leans and now they've been changed too!) I like my jeans to be snug through the waist and hips without extra fabric and regular rise. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Unknown said…
Pls new sample sent me

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