We're having such a cold winter that we recently had to make a new hat for baby Henri with some fabric scraps that luckily match his snow suit color :) Ripstop nylon outer, organic bamboo velours lining (Henri's sensitive skin reacts to synthetic fabrics like polar fleece) and some recycled fur (from my mom's old coat) for the flaps. He didn't like having all that hairy stuff around his face at first, but he's slowly getting used to it.

Today's forecast is a high of -27 C / - 37 with the wind, which is about -11 F / -35 F!!! We are used to cold weather in Quebec, but 4 days of this is pretty unusual. I wish we had offices in Hawaii or Australia :)


Keely said…
"I wish we had offices in Hawaii or Australia :)"
I wish you had offices downunder too!
Very cute hat. And Henri looks adorable all rugged up in his outdoor gear. :)
Henri looks soooo cute :) in his hat and suit :) It definitely looks like it will keep him nice and warm.
We have been experiencing the same cold temperatures here in New Brunswick. Way too cold!
Ma Passion said…
Oh comme il est mignon, je suis certaine qui sera au chaud dans cette belle ensemble.
Yvette said…
Hi Emilie,

You can come to Australia any day! Look me up if you're ever in Sydney. I love what you do with your patterns. They're so modern and everyday-life-ish. And they look very comfortable!


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