Super Henri!

Henri is proudly wearing his first Halloween costume!

Here are all the items:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I slightly modified pattern 2318 for the Bathat and made Batsocks using pattern 2448.

Then, I made a Batdiaper (pocket diaper without the inserts) with the upcoming diaper. Henri wears it over Battights made of swimsuit lining fabric. I did not use any pattern for the shirt and tights (Henri's grandmother can actually cut such basic items without any measurements - Lucky me!).

Finally, I used fusible interfacing to apply the batman logo cutouts to the garments.

I don't know if Henri felt like a superhero with his costume, but he rolled over, from his tummy to his back, for the first time during the photo shoot!!!


stacysews said…
He looks absolutely adorable! What a great idea for a costume!
Dawn said…
Very very cute!!!!!
Melissa said…
Oh my gosh, that is such a cute costume and ever cuter baby! I love little Henri's chubbiness, if only it looked so cute on adult! ;-)
Ah...So cute! It must be great sharing sewing skills with your mother :)

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