Working with Little Henri

As many people know, Henri is now part of the Jalie team! He's been testing dozens of cloth diaper prototypes, a new pattern that will be part of the next collection. But don't worry, the new collection won't be all baby patterns!

Here is what we plan to release before the end of the year:

- Diapers and diaper cover (for AIO's, pocket and fitted diapers)
- Women's pants and tops
- Boys / Men's gymnastics leotard
- Skating / Ice Dance / Ballet dress
- Men's tops

As you can see, that means a lot of work ahead of us! We are working hard to launch the collection ASAP. I just hope that Henri will start napping more and eat less often during the day so that I can be a little more productive :)


Dawn said…
I'm excited you started a blog. Your little guy is super cute and I'm very excited to see what you guys produce before the end of the year. :)
Melissa said…
Oh yay, a Jalie/Emilie blog!!!
How nice to find this blog.
Great idea!

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