NICO - Boys Want Raglan Tees Too!

Henri wearing kids size M (9)
Forest Origami knit printfrom L'Oiseau Fabrics
We received many requests from customers asking for a men's raglan tee. It is such a great staple garment that we had to include one in the lot :) So here is the NICO raglan t-shirt pattern for boys and men!

Not too fitted, no too loose... just enough ease to be forgiving and work with most knits. Short, 3/4 or long sleeve, curved or straight hem. The pocket on the photo is a last-minute improvisation (we drew the shape on a piece of paper 10 minutes before the photo shoot!). The statement pocket trend is big here thanks to Poches & Fils. You can find lots of inspirations on their website :)

Add a pocket to your Nico t-shirt  >> FREE POCKET PATTERN AND TUTORIAL

Rashguards for Boys and Men

Thanks to our small grading increments, you can easily go up or down a few size for a more fitted look (for a very fitted rashguard). If your fabric has 70% stretch across the grain and in the length, you can go down 3 sizes for a look like this:

We would like to thank L'Oiseau Fabrics and Funki Fabrics (the link shows all the fabrics we used) for the beautiful fabrics that we used for our prototypes and cover photos!

Who is Nico?

I took a skydiving course in 2015 and convinced Jeanne to try a tandem jump that summer. She said yes! That is when she met Nicolas, her friendly cameraman:

During the off-season, he helped us shooting and editing a few video tutorials. He became a dear friend of the Jalie family and was there when we drafted the pattern. Nico is stylish and opinionated (he can't help it, he's French :P). We tweaked the pattern until he was 100% happy with it. He liked it so much that he accepted to be our model for the photoshoot and that we named the pattern after him (since we are not ready yet for a skydiving jumpsuit pattern yet).

Don't wait any longer! Grab your downloadable or paper pattern, a funky printed knit, and have fun making a Nico Raglan!


Ann Made Studio said…
You always have awesome stories behind the patterns :)
Thanks for sharing them.
And you ladies are So Brave to jump!!!!

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