New Collection - The Anne-Marie Tanks and Dress

Jalie 3463 - Anne-Marie Dress
Fabrics FLO237  from FunkiFabrics + ITY knit

The Name 

The pattern is named after our dear friend Anne-Marie. She is a super creative sewist (check out her blog I Mani D'Oro to see her lovely creations!) and also an avid cyclist who is stylish, even with a helmet on. We met at PR Weekend in Montreal back in 2010 and kept in touch since then.

We loved her idea of a cycling dress, but thought is was targeting a very niche market. After attending a tennis lesson with my first prototype, I made everyone jealous with my super-duper back pocket. I was official: this little pattern was going to be wayyyy more than just a cycling dress!

Jalie 3463 - Anne-Marie Fitted Tank
Fabrics TS455 + MF5001 + NE3052  from FunkiFabrics

The Design

The dress has:

  • a soft V neck (not too high, not too low)
  • a shelf bra (with a clever sewing technique for a clean finish - no binding!)
  • princess seams, no side seams
  • racer back (you can have fun color blocking!)
  • optional pocket that can hold up to 4 tennis balls (adult sizes - apple purée packs or My Littlelest Petshop toys in kids sizes :))
Jalie 3463 - Anne-Marie Peplum Tank
Fabrics TS222 + MF5022  from FunkiFabrics

This pattern includes three views:
  • Fitted tank (fitted at the sides, great for inverted poses at yoga)
  • Peplum tank (lower side panel flares out a little, doesn't cling to our pants!)
  • Dress (tennis dress, cycling dress, summer dress, swim dress... you decide!) - I wear mine over my 3462 shorts when I go for bike rides and over my 3247 shorts when I play tennis.

    We hope you will like it as much as we do! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks :)


    cidell said…
    I am SUPER excited by this! Last year I needed cycling dresses and really scrambled. These will be great for running too.
    Connie B said…
    Oohh me too, me too! You guys are hitting it out of the park with the new patterns!
    modernprintliz said…
    I can see using this pattern in all it's variations. Definitely another winner - LOVE it!
    BeccaA said…
    I can't wait for your new patterns to be released! This one looks great.
    Unknown said…
    I am loving these new patterns. Can't wait for their release.
    Unknown said…
    J'en veux une copie S.V.P. En l'honneur de mom Amie Anne-Marie😜
    Anne-Marie said…
    Perfect name for a perfect pattern. ;-) I cannot wait to sew tones of dresses and tops. Ho many cycling friends will ask for one !!
    when wil your new patterns be released....??
    Anne-Marie said…
    Je te l'offre dès que le patron sort !
    Steph A said…
    I LOVE this new pattern! I can see myself making all versions, it'd be perfect for all sports. I'd really like know which skirt pattern is shown with the peplum tank? Thanks
    Emilie@Jalie said…
    It's our 3025 skating skirt (view A) that we lengthened by two inches and we left the edge raw - because we use Kai scissors... the best in the world :). You might want to add 2 1/2'' if you prefer hemming it.
    Nicole said…
    I'm really excited to try and make myself a cycling dress but I have never done any active-wear before - what kind of fabric do I get? I have no idea! I'd like something that will breathe well and dry quickly. Any tips?

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