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How to Attach the Collar to our Footed Pajama (3244)

Our footed pajama pattern is available as a PDF pattern and as a printed pattern. It includes 29 sizes, from 12 months to Plus Sizes.You only need one pattern for the whole family!

Since the pattern was released, we received a few emails from people who were puzzled when reading the collar attachment instructions. Here are some photos that show every step of this great technique:

Mark half (center back) and center of point (center front) on the collar piece:

Here we mark the sewing line and fold line to help later on (you do not need to add those marks):

Make sure you clip excess zipper before attaching the collar:

Pin open collar band to right side of neckline, with the edge of the zipper matching the point center mark (6 mm (1/4") from the point edge):

 Sew from the point center mark to the notch WITHOUT STRETCHING the band:

Now that the ends are attached, pin the center of the collar (mark you made previously) to the center back and stitch, stretching the band between the stit…